How to save yourself when a car falls into the water

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First aid when the car falls into the water:

1,Unfortunately, the vehicle fell into the water and unfastened its own safety belt. If it cannot be untied, find a sharp object to cut it.


2,If there is little resistance outside the vehicle, try to open the door. If you can open it, you can escape immediately. Because the vehicle will float on the water for a period of time when it falls into the water, you must move quickly.


3,The door may not be opened due to different pressures inside and outside the cockpit. Please don’t panic. Break the glass first. If the glass doesn’t break, please stabilize your mind and let the water flow into the car. When you are about to drown your head, take a deep breath and dive to open the door. At this time, the pressure difference inside and outside the cockpit is not much balanced, and the door can be opened for escape.


4,When the vehicle just sinks and the vehicle window is open, there is no situation that the air pressure is less than the water pressure, so it is impossible to open the window, so open the window immediately for self rescue.


First aid


5,At present, most electric windows cannot be opened due to short circuit, so it is necessary to break the glass with a safety hammer and escape (the safety hammer should be carried with the vehicle for emergency). But now many cars are pasted with explosion-proof membrane.


At the beginning of this membrane design, it is to prevent the glass from spreading after bursting, and the glass fragments will stick to the explosion-proof membrane. Therefore, although the explosion-proof membrane is beneficial, it is undoubtedly an obstacle to escape from the vehicle. When the trapped personnel smash the glass in the car, they can continue to hit until the explosion-proof membrane is broken, and then the whole glass can be easily smashed.


6,If the safety hammer is not placed in the vehicle, the head of the driver’s and passenger’s seats can be removed and the sharp steel pipe part of the head can be used to repeatedly hit the same position of the glass. However, the headrest escape method is not safe. One of them is that not all headrests of all models can be removed directly. Some need to press the button and can’t see the position when putting on the seat cover. The other is that the plugs of headrests are not all sharp. Therefore, the majority of car owners and friends, the car is still equipped with a safety hammer.


7,With the popularity of skylights, you can also choose to smash or push the skylight to escape, especially when the vehicle is not sunken, skylight escape is the best way.


8,If there is more than one person in the car, check the personnel in time to make sure no one stays.


Tip: it may be easier to force the corner when smashing the window. It’s best not to try to destroy the front glass. Generally, the front gear is relatively strong.


Conclusion: the above are personal views, but I advise all car owners and friends that the best escape skills are not as good as safe driving. In case of a drowning accident, no matter whether you can swim or not, you should keep calm and don’t rush to avoid danger.

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