How to treat food poisoning in an emergency?

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Nowadays, there are many people who don’t want to let food down. Food is the first priority, but food safety is the first priority. Food deteriorates or is stale due to improper storage of food ingredients, or food poisoning caused by unhygienic processing of food ingredients can cause great harm to human body. Especially in the turn of summer and autumn, the increase of air humidity, easy to occur microbial pollution and lead to disease. Therefore, it is necessary to know the proper handling of food and first aid measures after food poisoning.


What is food poisoning?


Food poisoning is to point to the normal person through the mouth intake of a normal amount of food, but actually this food contains toxic and harmful substances, or toxic substances as food after the occurrence of an acute, sub-acute infection or toxic syndrome.


How to prevent food poisoning?


1.Pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash hands frequently. Wash your hands with running water and soap. Wash your nails thoroughly, because under your nails are the easiest places to hide bacteria. It is recommended to wipe your hands with paper towels, not towels and aprons, where bacteria and viruses can easily multiply.


2.”Buy now, cook now and eat now” is advocated. Do not choose stale food, more can not eat sick or the cause of death of unidentified poultry, livestock. The ingredients used for cold dishes must be very fresh and sanitary, and the knife and cutting board used must be thoroughly washed and ironed. Cooked food timely edible, try not to overnight, alternate meals.


3.Soak and rinse vegetables and fruits as much as possible before eating. Soak for half an hour before serving as much as possible before washing.


4.Be careful when choosing cooked dishes and cold dishes. Cooked food must be thoroughly reheated before eating if the temperature is below 60℃ and above 10℃ for more than 2 hours.


5.Eat aquatic products carefully. All kinds of fresh aquatic products are easy to die of hypoxia in hot weather, especially eel, crab, shrimp and other aquatic products are easy to deteriorate after death, do not eat. Cooked seafood should not be eaten overnight.


6.Ready-to-eat packaged foods. If the temperature rises, the growth and reproduction of bacteria speed up, such as refrigeration and other follow-up protection measures can not be used in time, packaged food will soon deteriorate. Also should pay attention to check the production date of food, shelf life, do not eat, do not buy expired food and no factory name, factory address products.


7.Develop a sense of self-protection. Establish a correct awareness of food hygiene and safety, develop good eating and hygiene habits, do not eat suspicious food of unknown origin, in order to prevent illness.


What first aid measures are taken after poisoning?


According to the cause of food poisoning caused by different clinical manifestations are not the same, generally have the following characteristics: the onset is urgent, short incubation period, no infectivity, most of which are mainly acute gastroenteritis symptoms.


If there is food poisoning and the patient wants to vomit and excretion can not be discharged, the method of vomiting and diarrhea should be used. The specific emergency measures are as follows:


food poisoning


1.Vomiting. Vomiting is the most important emergency treatment for food poisoning. If the food time is not long, in 1~2 hours, the poison still stays in the stomach, you can spit out the poison by emetic method, reduce the absorption of toxins, common emetic methods are:


(1) Stimulate the root of the tongue with fingers, spoon handle, chopsticks, etc.


(2) Quick drinking of cold salt water (20g of salt, 200ml of boiled water to cool), ginger juice (100g of mashed ginger, juice and 200ml of warm water) and other vomiting.


(3) If the food is not easy to spit out, you can drink warm water or salt water dilution and then vomit, but also to achieve the effect of diluting the concentration of the venom.


(4) If you eat bad meat, you can use “ten drops of water” (Chinese medicine) emetic, if you eat bad fish, shrimp, crab and other seafood food, you can use vinegar 100ml water 200ml diluted once, play the role of emetic.


It should be noted that it is not recommended to induce vomiting for infants and unconscious persons. For older children in the sober situation can be emetic, emetic keep forward position, to prevent aspiration, cause suffocation. After emetic, should immediately seek medical treatment, doctors will according to different poisoning situation targeted treatment.


2.Catharsis. If the food time is longer, more than 2~3 hours, and the spirit is better, can catharsis toxin excreted in the body. Note, however, that catharsis is a method for young people who are in good health. Use with caution in young children and the elderly to avoid dehydration or electrolyte disturbances.


3.In addition, serious poisoning should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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