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Beware of falling when winter comes. Winter often have snow and ice weather, wear thick clothes, agility is poor, easy to fracture after the fall, coupled with the cold weather, at this time the condition will recover more slowly, therefore, to guard against falling in winter, once the fall must be handled correctly!


To judge the injury


If you fall and get hurt, the first thing you should do is stay calm, don’t panic, judge your injuries and call emergency services. Will tell commonly, the wound after fall can divide into two kinds, one kind is open wound, have the wound of break namely, another kind is the wound of close type, do not bleed namely do not have a wound. In addition, we should try to determine whether there is bleeding, whether there is subcutaneous congestion, whether the joint activity is affected, etc. After judging the wound, it is necessary to treat the disease according to the degree of the condition.


first aid


Corresponding to the first aid


Open wounds: Regardless of the size of the wound, should be taken to a hospital for treatment. Before the arrival of medical professionals, to timely stop the bleeding; If conditions are not available at the scene, use a clean cloth to compress the bandage, and then rushed to the hospital for treatment.


Closed wound: closed wound remember: do not self or let non-medical personnel knead, knead, break, pull, should wait for medical personnel to deal with. If there is a foreign body in the fall at the same time, remember not to remove themselves, but should keep the original state, sent to the hospital for treatment.


The old man needs special aid when he falls


Old people often fall on the hip, the fracture caused by the femoral fracture, neck fracture is the most common, especially in the elderly women. Femoral fracture, neck fracture is the degree of harm in the old man fracture is larger, disability rate and death rate are relatively high, statistical data shows that the death rate of the first year after fracture of femoral fracture, neck of the old man is also relatively high, because this needs special attention!


Don’t help yourself up yet


If the old man falls to the ground, do not rush to stand up, and passers-by or family members should not rush to help the old man up. The elderly are generally insensitive to pain, if there is no displacement after the fracture, it is likely not to feel pain, if you stand up at this time, the fracture site is likely to have displacement; If the fracture site has been displaced, then barely stand up, the broken end of the fracture may also injure the surrounding tissue, causing secondary injuries.


What should be done?


First of all, use your hands to support the ground to sit up, rest in place, carefully try to lift the leg, if the leg can be lifted, you can try to carefully stand up and walk a few steps, even if there is no problem, also want to closely observe 7-10 days, if there is discomfort in the meantime, should immediately go to the hospital for examination; If you can’t lift it up or feel pain, it could be a broken hip or neck. Do not move, call a doctor for help, and seek medical attention in time.

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