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What happens when we get hurt? What do we do when we break a bone? What do we do when we burn? What happens when there is a fire?


Quick and small make up to learn,Life often encounter small accident first aid method ~


01 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and AED use


  • Accurately judge the injury
  • Effective chest compressions
  • Use AED in a timely manner


The three are the key to a successful rescue


02 Fire escape tips


  • Call 119 in case of fire
  • If there’s a fire in the upper floors,
  • No elevator ride
  • Dry powder fire extinguishers should be used
  • Or cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel
  • Close Windows and doors in time
  • Block the door with wet material and wait for rescue


03 drowning prevention


  • When the save
  • Should relax the whole body, hold your breath and look up
  • Waiting to surface
  • He save
  • Near the shore can be used bamboo or rope rescue
  • Far from shore to avoid direct contact with drowning persons


04 Foreign body in airway is blocked

  • Foreign body obstruction in airway
  • Five things to watch out for in first aid
  • Environmental safety
  • Accurate judgment
  • Emergency call 120
  • Accurately locate the two transverse fingers above the umbilicus
  • It’s squeezing in and up fast


first aid guides


05 Trauma Rescue


  • Emergency dressing
  • Be quick, be light and be fast
  • Follow the “four no” principle of trauma rescue
  • No medicine was applied to the wound
  • Not touching the wound
  • Daggers and sharp tools are not taken
  • Viscera fracture exposed site not to send


06 Treatment of special injuries (dog bite)


  • Use immediately after a dog bite
  • Rinse with soapy water for 20 minutes
  • Disinfect the wound with alcohol or iodophor
  • Within 24 hours
  • Designated hospital injection rabies vaccine


07 Special injury treatment (scald)


  • Do not puncture a blister or apply medicine
  • Rinse immediately with cold water for more than 10 minutes


08 Special injury treatment (electric shock)


  • Cut off the power immediately and call 120. Open the wires with an insulated wooden stick or chair
  • And the injured to do the corresponding first aid measures

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