Parents must see the first aid methods for children drowning

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What if the child drowns? The weather is getting hotter and hotter. Parents will take time to take their children to the swimming pool for swimming. In addition to teaching their children some swimming skills, parents should also pay attention to preventing children from drowning. What if their children accidentally drown? Come and learn the first aid for drowning!


1、 How to give first aid to children drowning


It’s a good thing to swim with the children, but you can’t go out of the pool. Don’t be busy talking to other mummies and forget to watch your baby. If a child is found drowning, how should I give first aid?


1,Get ashore quickly and call the emergency number. Parents should pull their children ashore as quickly as possible. If they are in deep water, they can lift their children’s head from their back, and then pull up their chest to expose their children’s face to the water.


2,Remove the obstruction of mouth and nose. Let the child face down, pry open his teeth, remove the sundries in his mouth and nose, and then hit the child’s back quickly and continuously with his palm.


3,Artificial respiration. After the child spits out water, do artificial respiration. The rescue work should be carried out by two people, so that artificial respiration and extrathoracic massage can be carried out at the same time. If there is only one person, the two tasks should be carried out in turn, that is, 3 to 5 times of extrathoracic massage for each artificial respiration.


4,Take oxygen. If possible, you can breathe oxygen or inject cardiotonic drugs into the drowning child. If there are respiratory stimulants, you can inject them immediately.


5,Have some hot tea. If the child’s breathing and heartbeat gradually recover, you can feed them some hot tea or other nutritious soup, and let the child lie still.


children drowning


2、 Can swimming circles prevent children from drowning


You may later find that the swimming ring is not a life buoy. Parents should pay attention to buying a swimming ring for their children. If it is a trouser seat ring, the child may roll over. In addition, if the swimming ring is too large, it can’t jam the child’s armpit. Let’s take stock of several unreliable swimming circles.


Trouser seat. Although the child will not fall out, if the wave is relatively large, the sitting circle may roll over. At this time, the child’s head will fall into the water. If it is not found in time, it is easy to make tragedy.


The swimming circle is too big. Unless the child is older, it’s no use even bringing a swimming circle to the baby, because the circle is too big to jam the armpit.


Semi open swimming circle. The semi open swimming circle also looks beautiful, but for children who can’t swim, they can’t grasp the balance with this. After entering the water, the child’s center of gravity is easy to move forward or backward.


So even if you prepare a swimming circle for your baby, it will be bad if it is not appropriate. Parents should not rely too much on your swimming circle.


3、 How to prevent children from drowning


Child drowning is a heavy topic. Many times, even if parents are in front of them, children may not be a little prepared for drowning, because sometimes children will not cry for help even if they drown. They may be too nervous or choke before drowning. If you miss these small details, you may miss them all your life.


1,Children under the age of 5 must swim with their parents, and must accompany them all the way. They must keep an eye on their children. Parents should also teach their children not to swim alone or with their friends.


2,Whether it’s outdoors or in the swimming pool of the playground, parents and children must be close, preferably within reach. If you want to answer the phone, you’d better stand next to the children.


3,Warm up before swimming to avoid cramps when the baby plays in the water. All parents should let the children do warm-up exercises.


4,The swimming pool should be selected correctly. The swimming pool must have special lifeguards, complete survival equipment and infirmary. If you can’t do these points, you’d better not take your baby to swim.


5,Children who are not feeling well and have heart disease are not allowed to swim. Parents should evaluate their children’s physical fitness on the day of swimming. If their physical fitness is poor, they can let their children play in shallow water.


6,Teach children to swim. After learning swimming, children will have more courage and learn to breathe, which can reduce the risk of drowning.


7,Observe the children after swimming. If the child has fever or is a little unwell, it is best to take the child to the hospital in time to avoid delayed drowning and dry drowning.

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