Signs before lightning strike and first aid after lightning strike

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Signs before lightning strike:


When you stand in an empty mine, if you feel the hair on your body suddenly stand up, your skin feels a slight tingling, or even hear a slight popping sound and a “creaking” sound, this is a sign that lightning is about to hit you.


In this case, you should squat down immediately, lean forward, put your hands on your knees and bend them into a ball. Never lie flat on the ground.


How to give first aid when lightning strikes?


After being hit by lightning, the strong voltage makes people’s heart stop beating, so the cause of death is that the heart stops beating, not being burned. Therefore, if we can rescue with cardiopulmonary resuscitation within 4 minutes, we may have to revive and let the heart return to beating.


However, people have a wrong idea that there is still electricity in the human body hit by lightning, and they dare not touch him, which often leads to the delay of rescue time.


If a group of people are hit by lightning, those who will moan don’t worry. First rescue those who can’t make a sound.


first aid after lightning strike


If you are hit by lightning, you should race against time for rescue:


What if you are hit by lightning? Emergency experts pointed out that the voltage of lightning is very high, about 100-1 billion volts; The instantaneous current generated by lightning can reach 200000-250000 amps; Lightning produces a lot of heat, usually up to 30000 degrees Celsius. The harm of lightning to human body is much more serious than electric shock. Once someone is found to have been struck by lightning, he must be rescued against time.


Once a person is struck by lightning, the light person may have panic, dizziness, headache, pale complexion, limb trembling, general weakness, etc. some injured persons will have central nervous sequelae, such as visual impairment, deafness, tinnitus, sweating, restlessness, limb relaxation paralysis, etc. In severe cases, convulsions, shock, coma, and even respiratory and cardiac arrest may occur. Some also suffer from concussion, head, chest, abdominal trauma or limb fracture due to being knocked down instantly or being hit and fell from a high place.


In case of lightning injury, while calling “120” for help, the citizens should immediately transfer the slightly injured to the nearby rain shelter and lightning protection place for rest; For the seriously injured, rescue on the spot immediately, quickly make the injured lie on his back, and continue artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation until the respiration and heartbeat return to normal. As the wounded caused by lightning often lose consciousness and fake death, do not think that there is no rescue if they have stopped breathing and heartbeat. Before fully confirming that the patient has died, artificial respiration and cardiopulmonary resuscitation should not be stopped until the doctor arrives at the scene. If the on-site rescue of lightning injured persons can be timely, correct and effective, the lives of some injured persons are likely to be saved.

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