Ten diseases and nine itches. These parts of the body itch. It may be that the internal organs are “sick”. It is recommended to have an examination

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“Ten diseases and nine itches”, the doctor reminded: these itches may be the internal organs “sick”. Itching is a very common physiological reaction, but because it is common, we don’t take it seriously at all. Even if we itch and scratch, but in fact, itching may indicate a lesion somewhere in our body, which needs attention.


The first is diabetes.

The microcirculation system of diabetic patients will be damaged to a certain extent, and the skin is in the outermost layer. It will appear first, such as itching. The itching is the first place where bacteria easily propagate in the armpit, thighs, groin and other bacteria. But the best thing is not to scratch hard to avoid infection or other serious reactions.




Second, uremia.

The renal function of uremic patients is damaged, and the metabolic waste cannot be discharged in time. It can only be discharged through the pores of the skin. At the same time, some toxins and urea will be deposited on the skin surface, which will stimulate the skin to produce pruritus. Generally speaking, the pruritus of uremia is whole-body, accompanied by desquamation. Therefore, if there is no skin disease, suddenly there is a feeling of systemic pruritus, we should pay attention to it.


Third, liver and gallbladder diseases.

According to clinical statistics, nearly 40-60% of patients with hepatobiliary diseases will have varying degrees of skin pruritus, especially after jaundice, which is more common in the whole body, and some will be accompanied by yellowing skin color and long case spots on the face.


Fourth, cancer.

Cancer patients in the middle and late stage or undergoing chemotherapy, the skin is also easy to produce itching due to allergy, but this itching generally will not last for a long time, and the itching will disappear after chemotherapy.


Fifth, thyroid dysfunction.

Thyroid dysfunction can also lead to skin itching. Generally speaking, the most obvious itching caused by hyperthyroidism is in the neck. In addition to itching, it is also accompanied by neck enlargement. It’s best to check a thyroid color Doppler ultrasound to see if there are nodules.

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