The Heimlich maneuver is something every parent should learn

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A guide to the Heimlich maneuver


The most common and effective first aid method for airway foreign body obstruction is the “Heimlich first aid“. This method is used by impacting the upper abdomen, which suddenly increases the intra-abdominal pressure, elevates the diaphragm, causes the respiratory tract pressure to increase momentarily, and the air in the lungs is forced out, so that the foreign body blocking the trachea is moved up and driven out. This method is suitable for adults, children and self – rescue.


For adults: ambulance standing behind the victim, hug from behind to come over, his arms around the waist and abdomen, it is a hand clenched fists, boxing heart inward on the between the victim’s navel and ribs, into zhang wu according to the above the fist with another hand, both hands sharply upward into the extrusion hard, over and over again, until obstruction spit out.


Heimlich maneuver


If you are an adult, you can also use the latter steps in this method, or slightly bend down, lean on a fixed horizontal object, press the upper abdomen with the edge of the object, and quickly impact upward until the foreign body is discharged.


For infants: pick up the child immediately, hold the child on both sides of the cheekbones with one hand and put the arm on the front of the child, hold the child on the back of the neck with the other hand, make the child face down, lie on the knees of the rescuer, pat the child on the back 5 times, and then turn the child with the face up to observe whether the child spits out the foreign body.


If the foreign body is vomited, clean up the foreign body. If no foreign body is vomited, carry out chest impact and shock directly below the line of the two nipples for 5 consecutive times to observe whether the foreign body is vomited. Alternate the two methods until the foreign body is expelled. It’s important to keep your head low and your hips high.

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