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The sun is too poisonous, in the outdoor work play, a little not careful sunscreen did not do well, the skin suffered, light red, serious on the burning pain… This is called “sun skin,” or “sunburn.” And the whiter your skin, the more likely it is to get hurt: the skin’s protective pigment melanin, which absorbs most uv rays, protects and mitigates acute and chronic skin damage caused by the sun. So the advantage of black is not easy to sunburn, and white skin should pay more attention to sunscreen!


If you accidentally get sunburned, you can use the following first aid methods:


post-sun first aid guide


1, If the sunburn is not too serious and the skin is red, you can use physiological salt or cold compress on the sunburned skin by yourself, and apply it for about 20 minutes each time.


You can also apply 3% boric acid solution cold and wet, and if it is a little more serious, you can apply some weak hormone ointment.


2, If the burning, stinging or burning sensation is unbearable and interferes with sleep or life, it can also be relieved by oral painkillers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.


3, Nicotinamide can be taken orally to promote surface sebum lipid synthesis and improve skin barrier function; The diet can be rich in carotene.


What ate photosensitive sex food nevertheless for example celery, coriander, citrus, lemon to wait, should avoid to go out bask in too sun, can aggravate otherwise bask in.


4, If it is severe sunburn, such as skin swelling, blisters, pain, fever and chills, nausea, headache, dizziness, or even confusion, it is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.


5, If the inflammation subside and the skin begins to turn dark without damage, you can apply some mild and non-stimulating moisturizing skin care products to prevent dry skin and accelerate skin repair.


6, if there is peeling, do not itch to peel it off, so as not to stimulate the skin, in case of tearing and even cause infection, it will increase the pain of sunburn.


Tanned words, how to turn white come back?


After tanning, generally a few weeks to a few months later, the melanin itself will be slowly metabolized, after the recovery of the later period can also use some medical methods to repair and improve, such as:


Color light or aurora skin rejuvenation


Photon skin tenderness such as IPL (color light), DPL (Feyton light), these are currently commonly used dermatology whitening methods, by emitting a specific wavelength of strong pulse light can act on melanocytes, activation of melanocyte decomposition enzyme activity, promote melanin metabolism, can brighten the skin tone, let the skin white.


Among them, DPL energy is more concentrated, the therapeutic effect will be more ideal. And their photothermal action can activate the skin fibroblast, make the dermal collagen fiber and elastic fiber to produce molecular structure changes and rearrangement, can strengthen the skin metabolism at the same time can make the skin more delicate.


But do not go to play like whitening needle, large dose, long-term use, may lead to nausea, vomiting, allergy, menstrual volume reduction, thrombosis, stones, abnormal liver function and other health problems.

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