What about a car accident? Please keep the first aid guide. You can help at the critical moment!

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With the rapid development of economy, people’s income has increased significantly and their life has become rich. It is natural to buy a car for their family, which has also led to the rapid growth of family private car ownership. It is undeniable that cars provide travel convenience for life, but they also bring potential safety hazards. Many people lost their lives in traffic accidents.


We are used to cars in our life, but have we ever imagined that if there is a sudden disaster and an accident, do you know how to save yourself?


1、 How to save yourself in a traffic accident?


1,In case of collision between vehicles, passengers should protect their heads with both hands, relax their whole body as much as possible, and slide under the seat to reduce the impact force.


2,After a violent collision, the vehicle is likely to contact the line, oil circuit, spark plug and other flammable parts, resulting in fire and explosion. Therefore, after the vehicle collision, the personnel on the vehicle shall evacuate the carriage in time and take refuge in the nearest safe place.


3,When the vehicle collides, the small car is easy to roll. When the car rolls, passengers must grasp a part of the car with both hands and close to the seat; Large buses, such as buses and school buses, are more prone to rollover after collision. When rollover, you need to grasp the seat handle in front and adjust your posture. When the car is stable, untie the seat belt and break the window with a safety hammer.


 first aid guide


4,If the car falls into the water in a car accident, keep calm. When the water fills the car along the door gap, the door cannot be opened due to the existence of internal and external pressure difference. However, when the water is about to fill the vehicle, the pressure inside and outside the vehicle is relatively balanced. At this time, it is possible to escape. Seize the opportunity and quickly open the door to escape.


2、 How to give first aid to the injured in a car accident?


1,In case of a traffic accident, first dial emergency telephone, and then dial traffic accident alarm telephone;


2,Observe the basic signs of the injured, including breathing, heartbeat, pulse, etc. If the injured person is in a coma at this time and external stimulation has no effect on him, keep the injured person’s respiratory tract unblocked, and timely clean up vomit and blood clot in the mouth to avoid suffocation.


3,If the injured person has slow heartbeat and respiratory arrest, external chest compression and artificial respiration should be given immediately; If the injured person has weak pulse and shortness of breath, it may be a prompt signal of massive bleeding, and he should be sent for treatment immediately.


4,After the crash, the injured are prone to multiple bleeding. For the bleeding part, bandage should be applied in time, or directly pressed with clothes to stop bleeding.


5,If the wounded has fracture, the affected limb shall be fixed. When moving the wounded, it is best to let him lie flat on a wooden board or stretcher to avoid further damage to the affected limb.


Frequent traffic accidents take away fragile lives. Therefore, I am calling for safe driving, compliance with traffic regulations, no drunk driving, no fatigue driving, and being responsible for their own and other people’s lives.

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