What to do if you get water in your ears

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When bathing or swimming, we often encounter water in the ears, which can make people feel very uncomfortable. So, what should we do if we get water in our ears? How can I quickly solve the problem of ear?


What if the ears get water?


Jump on one foot to solve the water in the ear.


Turn your head to the side, use the watery ears down, and then jump gently on one foot a few times to solve the problem of water in the ears. This is the most direct and easiest method.


Use your hand to pat.


If you have water in your ear, you can cup your hand and pat the ear with water, just a few taps will solve the water problem.


Use cotton swabs to solve


Water in the ear. If you have water in your ears, gently stick a cotton swab into your ear hole and suck out the water. But be careful not to stick the swab too far into the ear or you will hurt it.


Pull your ears and perform a mouth-closing action.


When water enters the ear, you can pull the ear with your hand and then open and close your mouth. It only takes a few more moves to effectively solve the situation of water in the ear.


Blow with a hairdryer or ask others to blow with their mouths.


Water in the ears can be solved by blowing, usually with a blow torch or by asking others to help blow. It is important to note that a blow dryer should not be used to blow directly into the ear hole, and the wind should not be too strong.


Do not dig your ears with your hands when they are in the water to avoid cutting the skin and causing infection.


You can wear ear muffs when swimming or bathing to reduce the chance of getting your ears into water.


The ear is one of the important physiological organs of the human body, and we need to take care of it in our daily life.


What if the ears get water


1,You must use protective measures in noisy environments


Excessive noise has a negative impact on hearing, sleep, work and emotions, not only refers to noisy workplaces, KTV booths, Iphone music will mostly affect our hearing, and finally lead us to often hear the sound but can not distinguish what others are saying. In addition, noise can make us upset, anxiety and even depression, sleep quality is greatly reduced, sleep is particularly shallow. Experts warn that the power of noise can not be underestimated, a huge noise can make the hair break, not to mention the same exposed ears, as far as possible, the use of comfortable environmentally friendly earplugs is the best policy.




This cause of ear damage may not happen in everyone’s life, after all, the external impact of strenuous exercise on the ears should not be ignored. Experts believe that sleeping and other strenuous external shocks can cause the cartilage at the base of the ear skin to separate and rapidly fill with blood causing a hematoma in the ear, commonly known as “cauliflower ear”.


3,Fashion is also harmful and ear piercings are really bad


It may be time to listen to your mother’s advice, as piercing everywhere seems to be less than elegant. Perforated auricular cartilage not only leads to the risk of inflammation and scarring, but may also eventually affect your hearing level.


4,Be careful with the use of “ear scoops”


However, researchers have found that nearly 4% of eardrum rupture cases are caused by improper use of the “ear spoon”, as the eardrum is the last barrier that protects hearing. Since the eardrum is the last barrier that protects hearing, a rupture of this barrier can cause the stick to rub directly against the small bones in the ear, causing bleeding, infection and eventually permanent loss of hearing or balance. Experts suggest that it is best to use paper-based, eco-friendly cotton swabs and avoid hard objects such as plastic, toothpicks, pens and even car keys near your ears.


5,Don’t ignore hearing problems


Unlike eye sight, or even smell and taste, hearing loss is less noticeable and more easily overlooked in its manifestations. After all, infection, inflammation, and inadequate blood supply can affect hearing in a short period of time, and experts recommend that you must seek medical attention and have your hearing measured with professional equipment that detects hearing.


6, ear drops should also be used with caution


This point needs special attention for swimmers, because the ears are prone to long-term water, then the choice of anti-inflammatory drops should be more cautious, it is best not to buy drugs without the consent of the doctor to deal with private.


7, the body does not meet the diving qualifications


Summer is coming, go to the beach for snorkeling seems like a good idea, however qualified snorkeling professionals seem to be unable to meet the huge customer base, but businesses can not see the business opportunity in vain, and finally naturally spill over to consumers. Experts warn: “The real danger in the diving process is not sharks, but air pressure injuries, that is, lifting too fast to balance the pressure inside the ears caused by trauma to the eardrum. Therefore, before diving or have to spend money to hire a professional coach to keep a check on it, this money really can not be saved.”

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