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Burns? When one hears this word, the first thing that comes to mind is a fire. In a fire, people are likely to be severely burned because they are trapped in the fire. In daily life, people are also easy to be slightly burned by fire. There are many causes of burns and many classifications. Burns are classified into ⅰ degree burns, shallow ⅱ degree burns, deep ⅱ degree burns, ⅲ degree burns, ⅳ degree burns or shallow, moderate, deep and severe burns. Burn into Ⅰ degree burns, shallow Ⅱ degree burns, deep Ⅱ degree burns, Ⅲ degree burns, Ⅳ degree burns or shallow degree burns, moderate burns, deep burn and severe burns.What about burns?


First aid after burns and emergency treatment after admission are the early treatment of burns. Under normal circumstances, early treatment is helpful to the later treatment, which can reduce the degree of burn and shorten the time of wound healing. Early improper treatment, the incidence of complications is high, and even death in severe cases. First aid is an important part of early treatment. The principle is to stop the heat source quickly and prevent the burn area from increasing. According to different causes of burns, the measures of first aid on the spot are different. The details are as follows:


1.Let the injured person leave the scene immediately and stay away from the heat source. Then check the bleeding, heart, lung and poisoning of the injured person. According to different symptoms, different treatment measures should be taken. If the heart stops, artificial respiration should be performed immediately and the patient should be sent to the hospital for treatment. If a large amount of bleeding should be stopped, and then sent to the nearest hospital for treatment; If poisoned, should immediately evacuate the scene, sent to a professional hospital for treatment.


2.Determine the injury, pay attention to whether there is compound injury or internal injury, and handle according to the area and depth of the wound. If the wound is too deep and the pain is unbearable, sedation and pain relief should be performed first.




3.Keep the respiratory tract unobstructed, do not let the wounded coma, lose consciousness, stop breathing. If breathing stops, chest compressions should be performed immediately.


4.Treat the wound, treat the compound wound, and properly administer fluids and blood transfusion according to the condition of the injured person. If the wound is inflamed, you can use antibiotics that have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.


5.In case of severe burns, immediate treatment should be performed. Immediate transfer to a hospital is not recommended. When the injured are in stable condition, they will be transferred to hospital for treatment. In a critical situation, the shock rate is high and professional advice can be taken on referral.


How to deal with burns, I believe you have some understanding. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult a doctor in a professional hospital. The doctor will tell you the answer based on years of clinical experience. Patients in the early recovery, cure the disease.

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