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In summer, the weather is hot and things are easy to deteriorate. If you eat rotten food carelessly, food poisoning may occur. Experts say that a standardized and reasonable diet is beneficial to physical and mental health. On the contrary, uncoordinated diet and failure to pay attention to food hygiene do great harm to the body. Let’s talk about which foods are easy to be poisoned.


Which foods are easy to be poisoned after eating:


1,Green tomato: green tomato has been determined that immature green tomato contains toxic substances called solanine. Eating this immature green tomato has a bitter feeling in the mouth. After eating, there can be toxic symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, which is more dangerous to eat raw.


2,Rotten ginger: produces a highly toxic safrole. If people eat this toxin, even if the amount is small, it can cause hepatocyte poisoning and degeneration.


3,Rotten cabbage: after eating rotten cabbage, people will lack oxygen and cause headache, dizziness, nausea, abdominal distension, etc. in serious cases, they will cramp, coma, and even life-threatening.


food poisoning


4,Yellowing Tremella: yellowing Tremella is caused by yellow Bacillus contamination. Eating it can cause dizziness, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other poisoning phenomena.


5,Spotted sweet potato: black spots on sweet potato are caused by infection with black spot bacteria, which is easy to be poisoned after eating.


6,Moldy tea: moldy tea is the result of pollution by Penicillium and Aspergillus. If you drink moldy tea water, it will cause dizziness, diarrhea and necrosis of important organs.


7,Pickled vegetables not pickled thoroughly: if the amount of salt is insufficient and the curing time is less than 8 days, nitrite poisoning may be caused.


8,Brown core sugarcane: the deteriorated sugarcane is black and tan and tastes alcoholic. This is because sugarcane is infected by Fusarium moniliforme and produces toxin.


9,Germinated green potatoes: the young buds and green skin of germinated potatoes contain a high content of solanine, which is easy to be poisoned. Therefore, potatoes with germination and green skin should not be eaten.


Experts remind: things should not be hidden for a long time in summer, so no matter what you buy, you should buy an appropriate amount. When you find deteriorated food, you should discard it in time. You must not use it indiscriminately to avoid food poisoning.

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