Why do sports injuries often occur?

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In bodybuilding and fitness exercises, many people pay attention to warm-up and stretching exercises before exercise, but sports injuries still occur from time to time. Therefore, we have conducted many investigations in fitness venues. After comprehensive analysis, we feel that the following factors are closely related to the occurrence of injury.


Why do sports injuries often occur?


1、 Lack of physical preparation


Cause: the exerciser does not have enough ability to carry out the required weight exercises.


Process: the exerciser fails to combine his own ability, blindly pursue or imitate the training weight of others, and the movement is unbalanced and rigid in practice, resulting in injury.


Protection: face up to your own strength training and strive to improve the coordination ability of active muscle, antagonistic muscle, synergetic muscle and supporting muscle.


Effect: when the muscles have enough strength or the coordination between muscles can produce enough strength, weight exercises can be carried out as required, and there is little damage.


2、 Lack of understanding of flexibility


Cause: the exerciser does not have the range of joint movement required for movement.


Process: the exerciser does not understand the anatomical characteristics of the action (single joint or double joint action), coupled with poor joint flexibility, the spine and limb joints are in a vulnerable position when completing the action, so it is easy to cause injury.


Protection: strengthen flexibility exercises, especially strength flexibility exercises; Increase the range of joint activity.


Effect: when the flexibility is improved and has the flexibility required for the full range of strength action, it can actively and effectively prevent damage.


sports injuries


3、 Don’t pay attention to correct posture


Cause: exercisers mistakenly believe that fitness, fitness exercises and correct posture are irrelevant.


Process: because we don’t pay attention to whether the action posture is correct, there is not enough stable muscle strength to complete the action in the process of practice, resulting in active or passive muscle group injury.


Protection: understand the importance of correct posture in exercise, understand and master the essentials of correct posture, and repeatedly experience the correct posture required to obtain stable muscle strength.


Effect: correct posture can avoid injury and achieve good exercise effect. This is especially important when squatting and pulling hard.


4、 Insufficient understanding of small muscle strength


Cause: mistakenly believe that bodybuilding only needs large muscle mass, and bodybuilding only needs surface muscle group.


Process: equipment exercise often involves many types of exercises such as double joints, multi planes and pronation. Once the small muscles can’t bear the exercise weight, it will cause injury.


Protection: fully understand the importance of small muscle strength training, learn sports anatomy knowledge and improve training quality; Strengthen warm-up or stretching and rotation exercises to improve muscle excitement.


Effect: the strengthening of small muscle strength can prevent the injury of shoulder, elbow, hip and other parts.


5、 Insufficient understanding of the function of the device


Cause: beginners are interested in all kinds of equipment and exercise without guidance.


Process: the exercise function of the instrument is designed according to the principles of sports anatomy and mechanics. It seems simple, but it is not. If you blindly imitate others’ practice, it is easy to cause injury.


Protection: coaches and gym owners should introduce the functions, use methods and requirements of the equipment; New students do not add weight to the equipment for the first time, and are familiar with the performance of the equipment; Pay attention to self-protection when practicing with barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.


Effect: familiar with the performance of the instrument and repeated practice can prevent the occurrence of injury.

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