Why is it easy to have heart disease during the season change? Four first aid methods should be learned. Look quickly

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First aid for sudden heart disease:It is now at the turn of seasons. In the season change stage, people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay special attention. It is easy to have sudden diseases during the season change. If there is no timely rescue and treatment, it is easy to endanger life and health. Therefore, in daily life, people must learn how to deal with heart attack, so as to better protect their health.


Many people suffer from heart disease. They usually don’t have any performance, but they will suddenly get sick under special circumstances, which is harmful to their health, especially in the changing season. Why is it easier to get sick in the changing season?


In the season changing season, the weather is cloudy and sunny, and there is a large temperature difference. For example, summer and autumn alternate, and suddenly change from hot weather to cold weather, which will make people’s body in a state of stress, vasoconstriction and blood pressure rise, so that the load of the heart will also increase, resulting in coronary artery spasm of the blood vessels supplying the heart, and then a heart attack will occur.


Another example is the alternating seasons of winter and spring. People are prone to colds. Colds are an important factor inducing heart disease. Due to the weak resistance of patients, inflammation will become more active and heart failure will occur in serious cases.


It can be seen that at the turn of seasons, patients with heart disease must pay attention to keep warm and avoid heart attack. If it occurs, positive countermeasures should be taken. The specific measures are as follows.


First, heart percussion

If a heart patient has a sudden illness, he should tap the patient’s heart pulse. If he does not recover, he should immediately take artificial respiration and then carry out extrathoracic heart compression. The purpose of this is to provide fresh air to the patient.


First aid for sudden heart disease


Second, emergency telephone help

If someone nearby has a sudden heart attack, showing shortness of breath or even coma, immediately tap the heart position with his fist rhythmically for two or three consecutive times. At the same time, make an emergency call for help in time.


Third, artificial respiration

In the face of a heart attack, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be carried out in time. The specific operation method is to carry out artificial respiration twice after pressing the heart every 15 times, so that the circulation operation can give first aid to the patient.


Fourth, look for emergency drugs

When a patient with heart disease is found, it is necessary to find out whether there are drugs in the patient’s pocket and let the patient take them. After taking them, they should lie down and rest. If acute heart failure occurs, they should take a sitting position, which will be better for the patient.


Through the above introduction, I hope you can correctly face the situation of heart attack, especially at the turn of the season. People with heart disease need to pay special attention and carry drugs with them to prevent the situation. In addition, it is best to be accompanied by family members when going out, and family members should learn first-aid measures, such as beating the heart and artificial respiration, so as to give the patient the first-time rescue and ensure the patient’s life and health.

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