Winter to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning tips, teach you on-site first aid!

alopah Date:2021-09-24 14:14:26
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What should we pay attention to in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning in winter? Alopah has sorted out some key points, which you can understand.


1、 Common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning

1,When a coal stove is used for heating and cooking in a closed room, due to poor ventilation and insufficient oxygen supply, a large amount of carbon monoxide can be generated and stored indoors.


2,Urban residents use pipeline gas. If the pipeline leaks and the switch is not tight, a large amount of gas can overflow and cause poisoning.


3,When using gas water heater, the ventilation is poor and the bathing time is too long.


4,In winter, starting the car or sleeping in the car after driving the air conditioner in the motor car may cause gas poisoning.


prevent carbon monoxide poisoning


2、 On site first aid principles for carbon monoxide poisoning

1,Let the patient leave the poisoned environment as soon as possible, and immediately open the doors and windows to circulate air.


2,Patients should rest quietly to avoid adding center of gravity, lung burden and increasing oxygen consumption after activities.


3,Give the poisoned person sufficient oxygen.


4,For patients with mild poisoning, they can drink some strong tea, fresh radish juice and mung bean soup.


5,The delirious poisoned patient must be carried out of the poisoning environment as soon as possible, let the patient lie down, and untie the buttons and trouser belts. In the shortest time, check the patient’s breathing, pulse and blood pressure, and carry out emergency treatment according to these conditions.


3、 How to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?

1,Coal stove heating. Never use barrels, basins or coal stoves without chimneys for direct heating indoors.


2,Use a gas water heater. It is recommended to use forced exhaust gas water heaters, eliminate direct exhaust and flue gas water heaters, and replace those with a service life of more than 8 years.


3,Use gas stove. Check for air leakage before ignition.


4,Do not sleep in the car after starting the car in the garage or driving the air conditioner in the motor car in winter. Pay attention to indoor ventilation in plastic greenhouses heated by coal stoves, hot pot shops heated by charcoal and places using diesel generators to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

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