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Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and its production is generally undetectable by the senses. Carbon monoxide is mainly produced by incomplete combustion of carbon – containing compounds. The average person is often unintentionally poisoned and he does not know it, every year there are always some cases in the discovery, often because the poisoning is too deep to save. Therefore, attention should be paid to it.


Common causes of acute carbon monoxide poisoning


Industrial steelmaking, coking, kiln and other in the process of production door or kiln door closed loosely, gas pipe leakage, automobile exhaust gas, can escape a large amount of carbon monoxide. A large amount of carbon monoxide is produced in the smoke and gas explosion of coal mine. Chemical industry synthesis of ammonia, methanol, acetone and so on are exposed to carbon monoxide. Most of the scattered cases of poisoning were caused by incomplete combustion of coal stoves and heated kang in winter in northern China. Some city residents have been poisoned by leaking gas pipes.


The main manifestations of acute carbon monoxide poisoning


Initial symptom, can appear giddy, have a headache, nausea, vomiting, palpitation, fatigue, lethargy, call mildly toxic on medicine, if can break away from toxic environment in time right now, inhale fresh air, the symptom can alleviate quickly.


Slow reaction, in addition to dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, fatigue, lethargy, can appear flushing, lips were cherry red, pulse increased, coma, the light reflex, corneal reflex and tendon reflex slow, breathing, blood pressure can change. Moderate poisoning is called on medicine, if can rescue in time right now, yi Ke recovers.


Deep coma, various reflexes weakened or disappeared, increased muscle tone, incontinence. Severe poisoning is called on medicine, focal sex of ulcer of sex of cerebral oedema, pulmonary oedema, shock, stress, brain can produce right now damage, compressed place can appear the redness and swelling of similar scald, blister, necrotic even.


Family rescue


monoxide poisoning


When carbon monoxide poisoning is detected or suspected, the following measures should be taken immediately:


1,Immediately open the doors and Windows for ventilation


Move the patient quickly to fresh air, rest in bed, stay quiet and keep warm.


2,Ensure that the respiratory tract is unobstructed


To the person who is confused should turn the head to one side, in case vomit is inhaled respiratory tract direct asphyxiation.


3, head ice bag to reduce brain edema


To have coma or convulsive person, can put ice bag in the head, in order to alleviate cerebral oedema. Because of the inhalation of carbon monoxide in the lungs through the respiratory tract, the binding force of carbon monoxide and hemoglobin is very strong, so carbon monoxide and hemoglobin are soon combined into carbon oxygen hemoglobin, can not carry oxygen, so that the tissue hypoxia, central nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system and other poisoning symptoms.


4, quickly sent to a hospital with hyperbaric oxygen treatment conditions


Because hyperbaric oxygen can not only reduce the half-life of carbon oxygen hemoglobin, increase carbon monoxide discharge and remove the residual carbon monoxide from the tissue, but also increase the amount of oxygen dissolved, reduce brain edema and remove the inhibition of cytochrome enzyme.


5,Observe changes in the patient


Mild poisoning can be recovered after several hours of ventilation observation, moderate or severe poisoning should be called to the emergency center as soon as possible. On the way to the hospital, it is necessary to closely monitor the consciousness, face, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure and other disease changes.

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