10 preventive measures and 3 precautions for novel Coronavirus

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With novel coronavirus, everyone had a rough time this holiday. Looking at the rising numbers every day, I feel more anxious. Instead of going out or having parties and risking infection, I would rather stay at home. Sometimes I still feel flustered when I see the information about the epidemic spreading on the Internet. After all, you’re always touching people, you’re always breathing the same air. So today we will talk about the novel coronavirus prevention measures, I hope everyone can stay at home more at ease, something nothing as far as possible do not go out.


What you need to know:


1,At present, the main source of infection is novel coronavirus infected pneumonia patients.


2,Respiratory droplet transmission is the main route of transmission, and contact transmission is also possible.


3, the population is generally susceptible, the elderly and people with basic diseases are more serious after infection, children and infants also have the disease.


4, the incubation period is generally 3-7 days, the longest is not more than 14 days.


5,The prognosis of most patients is good, and the symptoms of children are relatively mild.


6,Novel coronavirus was 85% homologous with SARS.


 novel Coronavirus


How to prevent new pneumonia


1,Minimize outdoor activities


Avoid going to areas where the disease is prevalent and reduce movement to crowded public places, especially places with poor air mobility, such as shopping malls and cinemas.


2,Wear a mask when you go out from home


Wear a surgical mask or AN N95 mask when you need to go out or take transportation. Keep your hands clean at all times. Disinfects wipes should be prepared before going out to wipe public parts in public places, such as doorknobs.


If disinfecting wipes are not available, wear gloves, either winter gloves or outdoor gloves. Do not take it off in any public place, whether it is on the subway, bus, office, bank, hospital… Because you don’t know if anyone else is carrying the virus. Wash your hands under running water with a hand sanitizer or soap, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, after returning from public places, after covering your cough, before meals and after using the bathroom.


3,Remove gloves immediately after returning home


Dirty gloves are also a source of pollution, so be careful when cleaning, carefully, should be soaked with disinfectant first. Do not wash directly from the tap, so as not to splash dirty water on your face or anywhere in the house, the most convenient is to use disposable gloves, do not wear wet gloves.


4,Keep good hygiene and wash hands frequently


Open Windows in your home and workplace, weather permitting, to allow indoor air to circulate, as the virus cannot stay in a well-ventilated space. Keep home and tableware clean, dry clothes and quilts frequently, wipe and disinfect indoors. Wash your hands frequently every day. Before washing, never touch your face or eyes with your hands, even if it itches. Wash your hands with the seven-step method.


5,Watch out for door handles


Use elbows and shoulders to open and close doors, wear gloves to turn doorknobs, or wash your hands immediately after touching doorknobs. Clean door handles regularly, and be careful with banisters, elevator buttons, cell phones, and anything that can be held in the hand. As long as your contact is limited to your personal belongings, you are safe. But if you need to pick up someone else’s phone or use someone else’s computer keyboard, be careful not to touch your face and wash your hands immediately after touching the object.


6,Supplement your nutrition


The elderly body immunity is poor, pay attention to nutrition, drink more water, drink less and smoke less, tobacco and alcohol have no benefit to the prevention of novel coronavirus.


7,Pay attention to food hygiene


Do not touch, buy or eat wild animals. Avoid going to markets where live animals such as poultry and wild animals are sold. Avoid touching or eating unheated animal products.




Reasonable and moderate exercise, can use indoor space activity. Get enough and regular sleep to keep your body and mind happy.


9,Avoid contact with patients


Avoid contact with patients with fever, cough, or other respiratory symptoms. If you have been in contact with a patient or suspected patient with novel coronavirus infection, contact the staff of the community health service center (township health center) as soon as possible and listen to the advice of the medical staff.


10,Take your temperature actively


Take your temperature when you feel hot. If you have suspicious symptoms such as fever or cough, you should take the initiative to wear a mask, go to the designated medical institutions for treatment, and try to avoid taking subway, bus and other transportation. Tell the doctor about your travel and living conditions in the epidemic areas and who you have been in contact with after falling ill, and cooperate with the doctor to carry out relevant investigations. Finally, if you are caring for a family member with a fever that has been determined not to be novel pneumonia, be sure to wear a mask close to your face at all times when you are near them, including patients.


“Three Major Concerns” for the elderly


1,Get used to it


During the festival, the elderly should try to maintain the usual pace of life and work and rest time, do not stay up late, do not watch TV for a long time, avoid excessive fatigue and excitement, adhere to the right amount of exercise, pay attention to cold and warm, to ensure a happy and peaceful mood.


2,Eat a balanced diet


Elderly people with hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases should pay attention to regular meals during the Spring Festival. They should eat seven or eight full meals for each meal. They should have a balanced diet with meat and vegetables, less salt, less oil, less sugar, and no overeating.


3,Take your medicine on time


Take medicine on time, the elderly who need long-term medicine should abandon the thought of “taking medicine during the New Year is unlucky”, adhere to the usual treatment, take medicine on time, follow the doctor’s advice, do not stop medicine without permission.


Finally, let’s deal with the epidemic in a scientific way. Do not believe or spread rumors. Once again, let’s remind you to take good personal protection and protect yourself and your family

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