2021 global epidemic dynamics: Putin announced self isolation due to contact with new crown patients

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2021 global epidemic dynamics: Putin announced self isolation due to contact with new crown patients, and Hungary will produce Chinese new crown vaccine locally.


Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by the World Health Organization Johns Hopkins University at 23:59 on September 14th, the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia increased to 225433571 cases, of which 4642727 cases were fatal cases. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has soared again in the US, and over 280 thousand cases have been added on the day. 41229958 cases of newly diagnosed crown pneumonia and 662378 deaths have been reported.


In terms of epidemic situation in Europe, as of press time, 7290177 cases have been diagnosed in Britain, 6993309 cases in France, 4609205 cases in Italy, 4915265 cases in Spain and 4096104 cases in Germany.


Among the major emerging market countries, India’s new cases in a single day have stabilized, with a total of 33289579 confirmed cases. In other countries, Brazil (21006424 cases), Russia (7072825 cases), Turkey (6682834 cases), Argentina (5226831 cases) and Indonesia (4174216 cases) rank first.


The following is the trend of newly confirmed cases in relevant countries every day:

[China biology: Hungary will produce China’s new crown vaccine locally]

According to China biology news, on September 10 local time, the State Secretary of the Ministry of foreign affairs and foreign economy of Hungary, Mendel taumarsh, announced that the Ministry and Sinopharm China biology signed a memorandum of understanding on the production of China’s new biological crown vaccine in Hungary in Budapest. The two sides agreed to establish vaccine production facilities in Hungary no later than 10 months.


2021 global epidemic dynamics


[Morocco approved the conditional registration and listing of Sinopharm China new biological crown vaccine]

On September 9 local time, the Ministry of health of the kingdom of Morocco officially approved the conditional registration and listing of Sinopharm China new biological crown vaccine. So far, the country has become the tenth country in the world to approve the registration of Sinopharm China’s new biological crown vaccine. Previously, the vaccine has been approved and registered by the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, China, Bolivia, Seychelles, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Peru and other countries.


[Russian President Vladimir Putin explains the reasons for self isolation in the live program]

On September 14 local time, Russian President Vladimir Putin explained the reasons for his self isolation to the outside world in a live program. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed by many of its followers all day long, Putin said. Putin said that the staff member had been vaccinated before and had just been vaccinated again due to the decline of antibody values, but he was still diagnosed.


[Spain’s new novel coronavirus pneumonia is diagnosed in more than 90% of the cases of delta variant virus infection.]

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in September 13th was reported to be infected by the delta strain in 94.9% of the new confirmed cases of the new crown pneumonia in Spain. The novel coronavirus pneumonia variant has novel coronavirus pneumonia infection in Spain. In the statistical range, except for Extremadura and Leon, all of the large delta infected strains in the Spanish area accounted for more than 90% of the newly diagnosed cases of new crown pneumonia. Valencia, Aragon and Cantabria confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were infected by delta variant strain. The Spanish Ministry of health also stressed that there are also cases of alpha, beta and other mutant strains in the country.


[who: more than 5.7 billion doses of NCV have been vaccinated worldwide, of which only 2% were vaccinated in Africa]

On 14 may, novel coronavirus pneumonia was held by who. The director general of the World Health Organization, Tak Desai, said that more than 5 billion 700 million doses of the new crown vaccine had been vaccinated worldwide, but only 2% of them were vaccinated in Africa. Who hopes that all countries in the world can vaccinate at least 40% of the population by the end of this year, but only two African countries have achieved this goal, which is the lowest in all regions.

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