2021 international epidemic observation | 210000 new confirmed cases in the United States, and the world’s “first specific drug” has been approved for clinical trial

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2021 international epidemic observation:




The total number of confirmed cases in the world exceeded 220 million

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 220165153 cases in Beijing at forenoon 8 in September 5th, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University. The cumulative death rate was 4558943, and the vaccination rate was over 5 billion 420 million times.


The world’s first new crown “specific drug” approved clinical trial

According to the “China biological” WeChat official account, the COVID-19 WeChat (pH4), a bio pharmaceutical product group developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group, has been approved by the State Administration of drug supervision and Administration for approval of clinical trials. Intravenous injection of novel coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) Human Immunoglobulin (pH4) is a new class of new drugs for biological products. It is the first new treatment of the new crown pneumonia in the world after the new crown inactivated vaccine was immunized.


North America


More than 39.9 million new crowns were diagnosed in the United States, with an increase of 210000 in the past 24 hours

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia data released by Johns Hopkins University in the US, as of September 4, 2021 at 6 p.m. Eastern time, the United States reported 39902208 cases of new crown pneumonia, and 648064 cases died. 214979 cases were newly diagnosed and 3220 cases died.


A doctor in the United States prescribed an anthelmintic drug to prisoners to “treat” the new crown, and the prisoners said they did not know

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is being investigated in a Arkansas state prison by a doctor in the state of the United States, Cbs Broadcasting Inc reported on Wednesday, 3. The doctor argued that the prisoners used the drug voluntarily. However, many prisoners said that this was not the case. At first, they did not know what drugs they were using.


2021 international epidemic


Foreign media: Pfizer vaccine was initially used for booster vaccination of new crown vaccine in the United States

It was revealed that Modena did not provide sufficient data on additives, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asked the company to provide stronger data.


Modena applied to the European drug administration to evaluate its new crown vaccine booster

Modner said that the document submitted was a candidate reinforcing needle for evaluating its 50 microgram dose.


The White House launched a more than $65 billion plan to deal with the threat of future pandemics

The White House asked the United States to immediately allocate at least $15 billion from the budget and budget for the plan, half of the amount originally proposed by U.S. President Biden.




A hospital in Seoul, South Korea vaccinated more than 140 people with Pfizer vaccine beyond the storage period after thawing

The Korean disease management agency believes that there is no potential safety hazard after vaccination beyond the storage period after thawing, but it may not achieve good results. It is considering whether it is necessary to vaccinate relevant personnel again.


The Philippines will lift the entry ban on 10 countries including India

On September 4 local time, Philippine presidential spokesman Harry Locke said that President duterte had approved the formal lifting of the entry ban on 10 countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia on September 6. Previously, in order to prevent the spread of delta mutant virus, the Philippines has banned people with travel history in the above countries from entering the country since April.


More than 42000 cases were newly diagnosed in India, with a cumulative diagnosis of more than 32.94 million cases

There were 330 new deaths in India, with a total of 440225 deaths.




Russia added 18000 confirmed cases, with a total of more than 6.99 million cases

There were 796 new deaths in Russia, with a total of 186407 deaths.




New Zealand reported the first death from Delta strain

The Ministry of health of New Zealand announced the 4 case of the first case of death caused by the infection of COVID-19 delta strain. The deceased was a woman in her 90s, suffering from a variety of basic diseases.

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