A Fully Vaccinated COVID-19 Woman Dies of Delta Plus Infection in Mumbai, India

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The first case of death due to the COVID-19 Delta Plus variant was recorded in Mumbai, India, when a 63-year-old woman died from the viral infection after receiving the vaccine in Ghatkopar) district.


This is the second death caused by the Delta Plus variant in Maharashtra, the first being an 80-year-old woman from Ratnagiri who died on June 13.


A woman in Mumbai has been vaccinated and seven patients in the city have reported positive for the Delta Plus variant. The genome sequencing results of the woman’s sample were released on Wednesday.


Covid19 strain


Mumbai’s civic group, BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), began contacting the seven patients after receiving the results from the state health ministry.


Two of her close contacts also tested positive for Delta Plus, and she has no travel history. According to officials, the woman was being treated with oxygen and taking steroids and lendisivir. Delta Plus is a mutation of Delta, the highly infectious Covid19 variant first identified in India.


According to the state government, 13 samples were positive for the Delta Plus variant, in addition to seven from Mumbai. There are three cases in Pune, two each in Nanded, Gondia, Raigad and Palgarh, and one each in Chandrapur and Akola.


Thus, the number of patients infected with Delta Plus has increased to 65. The mutated Covid19 strain has also been found in seven children and eight elderly people. Maharashtra Department of Health officials are trying to track down people who have recently come into contact with infected patients.

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