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The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 and the constantly changing numbers have touched the hearts of people around the world. For the safety of travel, here are some suggestions to pay attention to travel safety.


1,If you have fever, please stay at home and do not leave the house


The main symptoms of the epidemic were fever, fatigue and dry cough. A small number of patients with nasal congestion, runny nose, diarrhea and other symptoms; People with these symptoms should try not to go out.


2,Before going out, please prepare disinfection products, such as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes


Wash hands frequently at home, and prepare disinfection products when going out. Coronavirus is not acid and alkali resistant, and 75% alcohol can kill it. Therefore, before going out, please prepare hand sanitizer with 75% alcohol concentration and alcohol-based disinfection wipes. Note: Cold oil, sesame oil, VC and isatidis root do not prevent novel coronavirus.


3,Before going out, please prepare masks, gloves and eye masks


COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through respiratory droplets, but it can also be transmitted through contact. Therefore, before going out or traveling by means of transportation, please prepare masks, gloves, and eye masks. Do not take only one mask when going out.


4,Avoid taking off the mask on the way and touching the outer surface of the mask. Prepare a garbage bag


Avoid taking off your mask during your trip. If you take off your mask, please keep your distance from those who are coughing. The outer surface of the mask is a contaminated area that can become infected if touched. The correct approach is to remove the mask through the lanyard and try not to use the mask repeatedly. Bring enough trash bags to encapsulate contaminants during the trip, such as a separate bag for worn masks.




5,When traveling, try to sit in different positions and keep a distance of more than 1 meter with others


If conditions permit, please try to spread out and make room for each other on the return trip. At the same time, when communicating with others, please keep at least one meter away, two meters away will be safer.


6, hands do not touch, keep hands clean


Many people often unconsciously touch their eyes, nose and mouth with their hands, increasing the risk of infection. When traveling, keep your hands clean at all times, do not touch around, and wash hands frequently with cleaning products, which can effectively reduce the risk.


7,It is recommended to put shoes and clothes outside the door


If you think the clothes on the way are seriously polluted, you can spray the clothes with 75% alcohol, then turn the clothes inside and out and hang them on the balcony for ventilation; Shoes or with a shoe box, shoe cover to the shoe isolation or outside the door.


8, after disposing of masks and clothes, remember to wash hands and disinfect


Wash your hands after handling your mask and clothes. Rubbing your hands with running water and soap can effectively remove dirt and microorganisms from the skin surface. Keep washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.


9,Open the Windows and keep the house ventilated for 5-10 minutes


Window ventilation helps to renew indoor air, effectively reducing the amount of virus that may exist in the room.


10,After these people return, try to home quarantine for a few days


The elderly, patients with chronic diseases, people with immune deficiency and children are advised to stay at home for several days after returning. If there are symptoms of elevated body temperature accompanied by breathing difficulties, they need to seek medical attention in time.

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