AstraZeneca ushers in a turnaround? The new treatment novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms are effective.

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia announced on Friday that local time, the company’s cocktail antibody therapy could reduce the risk of new crown pneumonia symptoms by 77%.


AstraZeneca said that 75% of the patients participating in the treatment trial had chronic diseases, including some patients who did not respond well to the new crown vaccine. There were no severe cases or deaths among the patients treated with the drug.


Mene Pangalos, R & D director of AstraZeneca, said that the test results encouraged the company. For those who cannot be protected by the new crown vaccine, it is necessary to take other methods.


Regeneron, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline and other companies are also developing similar therapies, but AstraZeneca is the first company to release effective data on antibody drug therapy.


new crown vaccine


Pangalos added that AstraZeneca plans to obtain conditional approval in major markets by the end of the year, when it will produce about 1-2 million doses of antibody drugs.


Although novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first choice to prevent vaccination in the world, the effectiveness of conventional vaccines seems to be insufficient as the delta spread. The U.S. government announced this week that it plans to provide new coronal vaccine booster shots to the American people from September 20. Earlier, countries such as France, Germany and Israel also began to provide booster vaccines for the elderly and groups with weak immune system.


Compared with Pfizer and Modena, the future prospect of AstraZeneca new crown vaccine is not optimistic because it involves the risk of thrombosis. In most developed countries, the actual use of AstraZeneca vaccine continues to decline, far lower than Pfizer and other vaccines.


Due to the poor performance of Xinguan vaccine business, Ruud dobber, executive vice president of AstraZeneca, disclosed last month that the company’s executives are discussing whether the vaccine business is sustainable. At present, they are exploring different options and are expected to have a clearer view before the end of the year.

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