COVID-19 has plunged 80 million people into extreme poverty in the Asia Pacific region.

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The Asian Development Bank said on the 24th that as many as 80 million people in Asian developing countries may fall into extreme poverty due to the new crown pandemic last year, posing a threat to the global goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger by 2030.


According to the simulation data of ADB, if there is no new crown pandemic, the rate of extreme poverty or the proportion of people living on less than US $1.90 a day in Asian developing countries will drop from 5.2% in 2017 to 2.6%. After the outbreak of the new crown pandemic, the extreme poverty rate in the region is expected to rise by about two percentage points last year.


In a flagship report on Asia, the ADB pointed out that considering that the coronary disease crisis disrupted social mobility and stagnated economic activities, and further exacerbated inequalities in health, education and work interruption in the region, this figure may be higher.


The Asia Pacific member report released by ADB includes 46 developing economies and three developed economies, of which only about a quarter achieved economic growth last year.


The ADB said that due to the rising unemployment rate in the Asia Pacific region, the working hours in the region have also been reduced by about 8%, which has an impact on poor families and workers in the informal sector.


Samsung will invest $206 billion in post epidemic growth by 2023


Samsung Electronics said that Samsung Group will invest 240 trillion won ($206 billion) in the next three years to expand its business in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, artificial intelligence, semiconductors and robots in the post epidemic period.


The company said on the 24th that the investment by 2023 is expected to help Samsung Group strengthen its global position in key industries such as chip manufacturing, and enable it to seek more growth opportunities in new fields such as next-generation telecommunications and robotics.


Samsung Electronics said the group plans to consolidate its technology and market leadership through mergers and acquisitions. However, no specific data were provided.


In addition, Samsung did not disclose any details about its $17 billion investment in the United States to build a chip factory. The plan is 30% higher than the three-year investment strategy proposed by Samsung in 2018.


With the global chip shortage and intensified competition in the field of advanced chips, chip competitors, including TSMC and Intel, are making large-scale investments.


According to the Korea Fair Trade Commission, Samsung Group has 59 subsidiaries with total assets of 457 trillion won.




McDonald’s milkshakes in Britain have run out due to “supply chain problems”


McDonald’s milkshakes in England, Scotland and Wales have been cancelled from the menu after problems in the supply chain, it was reported on the 24th.


This week, some bottled drinks also disappeared from the menu at McDonald’s 1250 stores in the UK.


It is understood that this is due to the shortage of truck drivers caused by EU immigration rules, covid-19 restrictions and self isolation after brexit, resulting in problems in the supply chain and affecting the supply of some products.


Hamburger chain is the latest industry in many industries that needs to deal with supply chain problems. In addition, many suppliers warned that the gap on supermarket shelves could last for months unless the British government takes more measures to deal with the labor crisis faced by transport companies. Some manufacturers report that raw material prices have risen sharply.


Britain’s Euro and COVID-19 exacerbated the shortage of qualified HGV drivers, so that wholesalers could not deliver goods to stores. In addition, as workers are in the summer vacation, August will be the key point of the shortage of workers. Even if the company provides bonuses and sign in fees to recruit drivers, it will not help.


Last week, Nando’s was forced to close about 50 restaurants due to a shortage of chicken, accusing suppliers of a shortage of staff and a reduction in the number of truck drivers. KFC also recently said that recent supply chain problems meant that it could not provide some menu options.


Wal Mart will launch delivery services for other enterprises


Wal Mart said on the 24th that it was ready to commercialize its delivery service and launch a courier service called “golocal”. Using contract workers, autopilot cars and even UAVs to send other retailers’ products directly to their customers’ homes, the fastest takes only a few hours.


Wal Mart launched delivery and express services for its shoppers three years ago, including more than 160000 items in more than 3000 stores, covering nearly 70% of the U.S. population. Wal Mart aims to use its connections with local communities, especially those enterprises that are difficult to implement their own distribution business in rural areas.


Wal Mart’s announced strategy will enable it to compete with Uber, doordash and other express service companies. At the same time, Wal Mart is expanding its profits and revenue sources beyond its core retail business. This strategy is similar to Amazon Web services, Amazon’s cloud computing division.


Golocal has signed a number of contracts and agreements with national and small business customers, but Wal Mart declined to disclose the specific enterprise name. Wal Mart is currently choosing new business partners. Wal Mart declined to provide investment or financial target data on the service. It will be operational in a few months.


Last month, Wal Mart began to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with its developed e-commerce technology, allowing shoppers to buy products online and pick up goods in stores. This is part of a partnership with adobe, a technology provider.


Tom ward, senior vice president of Wal Mart’s U.S. division, previously said that the cost of the service would be negotiated according to the specific situation. He also said that the fastest delivery time is a few hours, or two days at most.

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