COVID-19 infected 224 million 810 thousand people worldwide, with 4 million 808 thousand deaths.

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The new global crown virus infection has been continuously increasing. As of 13 noon, 12 points were infected with 224 million 810 thousand people and 4 million 808 thousand people died. In addition to accelerating vaccination in various countries, the new drugs for treatment of the new crown virus are expected to emerge soon.


In September 13th, according to statistics at 12 noon, the number of new crown virus infections in the world exceeded 200 million, 224 million 810 thousand, and 4 million 808 thousand and 586 deaths.


Since the first case of infection was found in December 2019, confirmed cases have been found in 210 countries and regions around the world. In particular, the delta mutant virus originated in India has led to the fourth and fifth waves of epidemic spread in many countries.




As the northern hemisphere is about to enter winter, whether it will be accompanied by a new round of epidemic outbreak, I hope countries to speed up vaccination can play a mitigating role. Of course, the most important thing is the early advent of therapeutic drugs.


As of 12 noon Beijing time today, the top 10 countries in the world are as follows:


First, 41.12664 people were infected and 661749 died in the United States;

Second, 33.236921 people were infected and 442655 died in India;

Third, 20.989164 people were infected and 586558 died in Brazil;

Fourth, 7.226276 people were infected and 134200 died in Britain;

Fifth, 7.147 million people were infected and 373332 died in Russia;

Sixth, 6.905071 people were infected and 115517 people died in France;

Seventh, 6.657002 people were infected and 59851 people died in Turkey;

Eighth, 5.295786 people were infected in Iran and 11431 people died;

5.22364 people were infected and 113357 died in Argentina;

Colombia infected 4.928578 people and killed 125592 people.


In terms of the number of infected deaths, the United States, Brazil, India, Russia and the United Kingdom rank among the top five.

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