COVID-19 mutated again! 39 countries have been infected! Will the global epidemic face a third major outbreak?

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According to novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to the Worldometer report, according to the real-time statistics of Worldometer, as of around 6:30 Beijing time, the total number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia exceeded 220 million cases in the world, and 4 million 560 thousand cases were cumulative deaths. More than 700000 confirmed cases and more than 10000 deaths were added in a single day.


The data also show that the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Iran and Brazil are the five countries with the largest number of newly confirmed cases. The United States, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Indonesia are the five countries with the largest number of new deaths. In the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic continues to spread, COVID-19 has changed again, and has infected 39 countries.


new crown variant virus


According to the report on September 4, according to the global shared influenza data initiative (gisaid), as of August 29, more than 4500 mu strains had been recorded in 39 countries around the world. Among them, the number of cases of Miao strain infection reported by the United States reached 2065, far more than any other country, and 852 cases were reported by Colombia, which ranked second. The global epidemic weekly report released by the World Health Organization on August 31 pointed out that the who named the new crown variant virus b.1.621 as the Miao strain and listed it as the variant of “interested variety” on August 30, which is lower than the variant of “needing attention” belonging to delta strain. Preliminary data show that the Miao strain is similar to the beta strain and will weaken the effectiveness of the antibody. According to the weekly report, the Miao strain was first confirmed in Colombia in January 2021.


According to WHO standards, “variant of interest” means that the variant has genetic mutations that can affect the ability of virus transmission, symptom severity and immune escape. It is different from “focus on variants”, which means that variants can reduce the effectiveness of public health strategies, vaccines or therapies. Who pointed out that the Miao strain is considered to be a “variant of interest” because it has some special mutations and needs to study their potential impact on human immune response. The data shared by the WHO virus evolution working group show that the immunity generated by previous infection or vaccination may not be as resistant to the original strain, Further research is needed to confirm this.


It is understood that Columbia local time on September 2nd, confirmed by the Ministry of health, COVID-19 mutant strain Miao is found in the country of the local variation strain. The earliest patients infected with the strain can be traced back to January this year. Although the United States has the most cases of infection, some experts in the United States are indifferent to the virus. Schaffner, a professor and infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University in the United States, said that the Miao virus strain was found in January this year, but it has not been included in the list of variants that need to be paid attention to until now.


At present, it is not very worrying, and its severity is unlikely to exceed that of delta virus. In addition, Adalia, an infectious disease expert at the health and safety center of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, also believes that new mutant viruses will continue to be produced, and there is no reason for people to panic about the Miao mutant strain for the time being.


It is worth mentioning that according to the news on the website of Capitol Hill, Mu is the fifth “variant of interest” listed by the who, and other “variants of interest” include ETA, iota, kappa and lambda. Ramda was first discovered in Peru, South America, and Yota was first discovered in the United States last November. In addition, WHO now lists 4 variants of COVID-19 as “attention variant”: Alfa variants in 193 countries, beta variants in 141 countries, gamma variants in 91 countries, and delta varieties in 170 countries. Among them, the who listed delta variety as “interested variety” in early April and “concerned variety” on May 11.

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