Depopulation plan? AstraZeneca vaccine can kill people, new Western rules: only for the elderly

alopah Date:2021-08-11 10:45:07
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According to British media reports, because the British AstraZeneca vaccine is capable of causing terrible blood clotting problems, which in severe cases can even lead to the death of the vaccinated person, Australia has once again tightened the restrictions on the AstraZeneca vaccine: the AstraZeneca vaccine is banned for people under 60 years old in Australia.


Currently, many countries around the world that use the AstraZeneca vaccine have imposed restrictions on the vaccine, especially in Europe, where vaccination is no longer possible because many people talk about AstraZeneca. Restrictions have also been introduced before, and they are similar, mainly in the sense that they are divided into different age groups, but they all mean the same thing – only for the elderly.


For example, France only gives vaccination to people over 55 years old, Germany is over 60 years old, Italy is also only for people over 60 years old, Spain is the same as Australia, Belgium is the same as France. And according to a senior official of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), it is better to stop vaccinating all age groups with the AstraZeneca vaccine.


In other words, it’s best not to vaccinate anyone. Young people with good health can have problems, and older people are more likely to have problems if they are vaccinated. The fact that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) squirmed at the very beginning and now broke the can is a good indication that it knew from the beginning that there were problems and serious problems with the AstraZeneca vaccine.


AstraZeneca vaccine


Why does the EU export more vaccines than the US? The reason is very simple, the large EU, in addition to the United States before the ban on exports bought some Pfizer vaccines, can only use the AstraZeneca vaccine, the results of the AstraZeneca vaccine accident after accident, killed many people, and then no one dares to use. The people in their own homes are not used, that can only be used for others, in the name of the world to share. Imagine if the AstraZeneca vaccine did not have any serious side effects, the EU would be so generous?


The reality is that even though it is known to kill people, and even though the European Medicines Agency does not recommend its continued use, a large number of Western countries still want to give it to the elderly. This practice is, to put it mildly, genocide. Young adults are the workforce, and if there is a mass death, it will seriously affect the development of the country, but among the elderly, there is no such concern. As soon as one country does this, others will follow, and Australia is already considered slow to react.


In fact, Australia does not want to restrict, Australia has not been able to get the vaccine, except for a poor number of Pfizer vaccine from the United States, no other source to get the vaccine. At that time, Australia in order to get the AstraZeneca vaccine, and the EU dislike each other in the air. It was not until the Europeans themselves did not use it that Australia got the AstraZeneca vaccine. Australia can only use it, to no one wants to vaccinate, and then introduce a restrictive measures, continue to give the elderly to play.


Now Europe, Canada, Australia, these U.S. allies, are looking forward to the U.S. can take the Pfizer vaccine to share, the West only believe this. There was still the Johnson & Johnson vaccine available, but the Johnson & Johnson vaccine also causes blood clot symptoms in those who receive it, and those who don’t want to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine, don’t want to receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine either. In other words, at the end of the day, the Western camp has been tossing around for so long, and there are only so many or two of the more reliable vaccines.

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