“Digital reading” global epidemic in one week: the number of confirmed cases in the world tends to be stable

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WHO weekly released by the 25 COVID-19 weekly showed that the world’s newly diagnosed cases increased steadily after nearly two months of growth. Over 22 cases a week, more than 4 million 500 thousand cases were basically the same as last week. This week, there were about 68000 new deaths worldwide, an increase of 1% over the previous week.


Among the six regions of the world divided by who, the number of newly confirmed cases in the Americas and the Western Pacific increased significantly, by 8% and 20% respectively; Southeast Asia and the eastern Mediterranean decreased significantly, by 16% and 10% respectively. The number of new deaths in Europe and the Americas increased the most in this week, 11% and 10% respectively; Africa and Southeast Asia decreased the most, by 11% and 10% respectively.


delta strain


This week, the top five new confirmed cases in the world were the United States, Iran, India, the United Kingdom and Brazil.


The who said in its weekly report that a total of 163 countries and regions have reported confirmed cases of the delta strain of the new coronal variant virus. The World Health Organization warned that the delta strain and other mutant strains listed as “requiring attention” are widely spread around the world, which highlights the importance of maintaining public health and social measures and improving vaccination coverage. The relaxation of epidemic prevention measures requires careful balance between vaccination coverage and the transmission of variant strains.


The WHO weekly quoted a preprinted paper from the UK as saying that if the UK and England began to implement the final phase of relaxing epidemic prevention measures on June 21 as originally planned, the model calculated that the delta virus strain would lead to a peak of 3400 new hospitalizations in England every day; The implementation of the final stage of “unsealing” was postponed to July 19, with a peak of about 1400 people.

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