Driver attention! After taking these seven kinds of drugs, you’d better not drive

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Drunk driving is like a wolf and drug driving is like a tiger. The World Health Organization points out seven types of drugs that may affect driving safety after taking them. All new and old drivers should pay special attention to “side effects and Taboos” in the instructions before taking drugs.


The World Health Organization points out

Seven categories of drugs that may affect driving safety:

Common antiallergic drugs at home. Also known as antihistamines, they may cause drowsiness, drowsiness, blurred vision, headache and other symptoms. These symptoms will affect the agility of thinking and operation, so you should not drive. It should be noted that many compound cold medicines contain such ingredients, so before taking cold medicine, you must read the instructions to avoid the risk of drug driving.


Sleeping pills. In addition to hypnotic and sedative effects, these drugs also have anti anxiety effects. They may have aftereffects such as fatigue or sleepiness within a few days after drug withdrawal. Therefore, they are not suitable for driving vehicles. The representative drugs include diazepam, clonazepam, zopiclone, zolpidem, etc.


New antidepressants. For example, sertraline may cause dizziness, tremor and other symptoms after taking it.


Sleeping pills


Antipyretic analgesics. The famous aspirin and ibuprofen belong to this category of drugs. After taking the medicine, they may have neurological symptoms such as dizziness and anxiety, and in severe cases, they may have psychobehavioral disorders or convulsions.


Antihypertensive drugs and anti angina drugs. It is common that after taking anti angina drugs such as nifedipine and propranolol, patients may have adverse reactions such as fatigue, drowsiness and dizziness in the early adjustment stage of medication, so they should drive carefully.


Hypoglycemic drugs. All kinds of hypoglycemic drugs can cause hypoglycemia. Xiaoke pill, a Chinese patent medicine, may also induce hypoglycemic reaction and lead to dangerous driving.


Drugs for women. For example, after oral contraceptives, there may be symptoms such as headache and anxiety. In severe cases, there may be lax thinking and muscle convulsions. Therefore, the impact of female specific drugs on driving ability must be paid special attention.


So, how should we avoid the risk of drug driving?

1、 If your occupation is a driver, you must inform the doctor when seeing a doctor and ask the doctor to avoid using drugs that affect driving as much as possible;


2、 Before taking medicine, carefully read the instructions. If the words “visible sleepiness and sleepiness” or “do not drive a machine, car, ship, engage in high-altitude operation, mechanical operation and operate precision instruments” appear in the “side effects and contraindications” of the instructions, it is not suitable to drive during taking medicine;


3、 Develop good habits and try to avoid driving after taking medicine. If you have to drive, please rest for a period of time and avoid the peak time of blood drug concentration before starting. For example, after taking cold medicine, you need to rest for at least 6 hours before driving, which is relatively safe.

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