Europe finally waited for the Chinese vaccine! Vucci announced the great news, and the EU fell silent

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At present, a considerable number of countries and regions are still suffering from the epidemic, but nevertheless, some countries are constantly engaging in politicized behavior, such as the United States, Britain and other western countries. Recently, the vaccine production plant of Sinopharm group, led by Sinopharm group and jointly invested by UAE and Serbia, officially started construction in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. This indicates the “birth” of the first country in Europe to produce China’s new crown vaccine. For this, the EU has rarely fallen into silence.


Europe welcomes the first Chinese vaccine factory

On September 9 local time, according to domestic media reports, a foundation laying ceremony was held for the Serbian vaccine factory jointly built by Sinopharm group, Serbian government and UAE G42 group. At the ceremony, Serbia president Wu Qi Chi said with impassioned support: with the help of China and the UAE partners, we will build a modern vaccine factory to deal with the current COVID-19. Wu Qiqi pointed out that after the completion of the first phase of the project, 30 million doses of Sinopharm Xinguan vaccine will be filled and produced every year. In addition to ensuring the domestic demand of Serbia, the rest will be supplied to regions and other European countries. Obviously, Serbia practices its international responsibilities like China.


In this regard, Chen Bo, Chinese ambassador to Serbia, responded that the construction of the vaccine factory not only helps to improve our ability to fight the epidemic, but also a new beginning of cooperation between China and Serbia in the field of biopharmaceutical, which is also of great significance to promoting economic development. The partners of China, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates have worked together to set an example in the world. Only when all countries unite and work together can we overcome the epidemic. I wish the project a smooth completion at an early date.


 Chinese vaccine factory


The EU fell silent

In fact, part of the credit for Serbia’s joint construction of vaccine factories with China and the United Arab Emirates comes from the European Union. Because in the outbreak of the new crown outbreak, Serbia had placed the “life-saving straw” in the European Union, but in the end, the EU not only did not extend its help, but also hoarded the new crown vaccine. In view of this, Serbia has turned its attention to China, which is not “welcomed” by the EU. Unlike the European Union, China quickly gave assistance after receiving Serbia’s request for help. In the end, with the help of China, Serbia won the first place in the vaccine injection rate.


At present, the first Chinese vaccine factory in Europe is gradually facing the world. The EU has not responded to this. However, France, as the “big man” of the EU, pointed out a few days ago that we are ashamed of the efficiency of China’s vaccine production and export, and the EU should approve the use of China’s vaccine as soon as possible.


In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to not relying on the EU for vaccines, Vucic also said at the “Brad strategic forum” some time ago that Serbia is no longer keen to join the EU because it has found its own way of economic development and created its own future.

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