Good news! The global epidemic has dropped for four weeks!

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The global epidemic has dropped for four weeks! “British anti epidemic” has been recognized all over the world!hot wire! According to the latest news from the World Health Organization, the epidemic has slowed down for four consecutive weeks worldwide. According to the statistics of Agence France Presse as of Thursday, the number of new cases worldwide fell by 8% to 510000 last week.


The situation has improved in many parts of the world, with 32 per cent fewer cases in Africa, 25 per cent fewer cases in North America and 21 per cent fewer cases in the Middle East. The number of cases fell by 7 per cent in Asia and 2 per cent in Oceania.


So far, the United States is still the country with the largest number of new cases, with 126000 cases a day, but the new cases in the United States have also begun to slow down recently, down 26%!


In fact, the “new crowning effect” is no longer a new word. Experts have reached a consensus that COVID-19 can not be eradicated in the short term, but we can coexist with the virus.


More importantly, with the improvement of population immunity and the evolution of virus, the power of COVID-19 will gradually weaken. Gilbert, leader of the Oxford vaccine research and development team, said on many occasions that COVID-19 will eventually become immune to all other seasonal influenza viruses. “There is no reason to believe that there will be more virulent COVID-19 strains in the future.”


Sir John Bell, a professor of medicine at Oxford University, also said that Britain had “passed the worst period”; With the improvement of immunity and the evolution of virus, COVID-19 is likely to become like other seasonal coronavirus that causes common cold.


Banzer, chief executive of vaccine manufacturer Moderna, also confidently expressed that COVID-19 is expected to end in a year as vaccine production increases to ensure global supply.




First, the government should be able to provide enough vaccines and options so that everyone can get the vaccine they believe in, and the complete vaccination and vaccine coverage should be high enough to achieve mass immunization; Secondly, in the face of variant viruses, vaccines need to have higher protection, not just reduce hospitalization, severe illness or death, but; Finally, if there are convenient oral medication and sprays in the future, it will shorten the course of disease, reduce medical demand and avoid the risk of medical overload collapse. Scientists have never stopped studying this point;


The CEO of Moderna vaccine manufacturers stressed that the vaccine production has increased in the past six months. By the middle of 2022, there should be enough doses for everyone in the world to be vaccinated, and there is still room for booster shots! It has to be said that this is an exciting news.


With the continuous increase of vaccination rate, the hope of “beating COVID-19” is getting bigger and bigger. The victory here is not to completely eliminate it, but that we now have more weapons to deal with the growth and rebound of the epidemic, so that the epidemic is more and more stable and subsided, and everyone’s living order has finally returned to normal.


“British anti epidemic” has been recognized all over the world

In early July, the British government announced that it would unseal on July 19 and completely abolish social distance. At that time, there were tens of thousands of confirmed cases in Britain every day. Under such circumstances, all social restrictions were completely abolished, and it was pushed to the top of the sealing wave of public opinion for a time;


Many experts from other countries even criticized: Britain has given up treatment! Under heavy pressure, even the British media came from ridicule; “We’re betting.”. But British experts insist on the idea that “the pandemic is far from over, and it will definitely not end on the 19 day. We should learn to use our common sense to deal with the risk of new crowns, remain vigilant and adapt to the coexistence of COVID-19.”


However, facts seem to prove that Britain has “won the bet”. No matter what the epidemic data, who doesn’t envy to completely restore freedom, go where you want to go, eat what you want to eat? Subsequently, Canada, Germany, the United States, Singapore and other countries followed the British anti epidemic policy and joined the camp of “lying flat to fight the epidemic”. More countries began to quickly open their doors, resume international travel and exchange vaccine passports. Even the most “critical” United States suddenly opened its borders.


Why do many countries led by Britain dare to “do the opposite” when the number of cases is rising? Boris’s government believes that the data prove that the vaccine has played an obvious protective role, the number of seriously ill patients has decreased sharply, and the mortality rate is very low. At this time, if we continue to close the country, we will be trapped in the economy.


The concept of Boris government has been recognized by many experts in developed countries: no vaccine or drug can guarantee 100% effectiveness, but it is a human victory if the vaccine can significantly prevent severe diseases, prevent death and make most infected people in mild diseases. Using vaccine to get real group immunity is the best answer to COVID-19.

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