Here comes the third dose! Pfizer announces third dose raises antibody levels 11 times!

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Today, Pfizer announced that the third dose of its vaccine provides increased protection against Delta virus. New data released by the company on Wednesday shows that Pfizer’s booster dose of the vaccine can provide even stronger protection — even more effective than the first two doses! During Pfizer’s Q2 2021 earnings call, company executives highlighted the efficacy of a pfiser-developed booster mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and the clinical progress of an oral COVID-19 therapy.


A third dose of the vaccine increased antibodies by up to 11 times


Pfizer said in a conference call that the recently emerged Delta variant is spreading widely around the world, and data show that the vaccine’s protective effectiveness has declined over time. As a result, when to give the booster, and to whom, is becoming an issue for regulators to consider. According to preliminary data from the third dose clinical trial currently under way, the third dose of booster vaccine, administered six months after completion of the second dose, showed consistent safety.


Among 18 – to 55-year-olds who received the third dose of the vaccine, levels of antibodies against the Delta variant were more than five times higher than those given the second dose. Not only that, but in high-risk people 65 to 85 years of age, antibody levels against the Delta variant were higher after the third dose, more than 11 times higher than the second! In addition to being highly effective against the Delta variant virus, for the Beta variant originally found in South Africa (B.1.351), antibody levels increased 15 to 21 times after the third dose!


For other variants, antibody levels increased by five to eight times after the third dose compared with the second. Pfizer is currently in discussions with regulators and expects to file an EUA application for emergency use authorization for an additional third dose as early as August. Meanwhile, production of the first vaccine against the Delta variant has been completed, and clinical trials are expected to begin in August.


Delta virus


Pfizer’s vaccine is 39% effective and a third dose is imminent


Recently, the Israeli health ministry said that the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine is decreasing over time, plummeting to 39% in less than three months. According to calculations by the Ministry of Health, the effectiveness rate of Pfizer vaccine in preventing COVID-19 infection in Israel was 94.3% from May 2 to June 5; From June 6 to July 3, the effective rate was reduced to 64%; By July 17, the response rate was as low as 39 percent.


Although Israel was not the first country to start vaccinations after the COVID-19 vaccine was released on December 20 last year, it shocked the world with its “Israeli speed”. From January to May, the daily increase across Israel was no more than ten or twenty, and in early June the legend of “zero” was achieved. But the situation took a turn for the worse in late June, when a mutant Delta strain invaded the country. By Saturday, the daily number of new cases had surged to 2,000, the number of serious cases had risen to more than 400, and the number of active cases had surged to more than 10,000, up from just over 200 before last week.


Israel cited the continuing decline in the effectiveness of Pfizer’s vaccine in preventing Novel Coronavirus infection as the cause of the repeated outbreaks and announced that it would offer Pfizer booster shots to adults with weakened immunity.


Although Pfizer is seeking emergency authorization from the FOOD and Drug Administration (FDA) to manufacture the booster needles, Israel is clearly getting impatient. Israel should make a decision in the next few weeks to provide a third dose of Pfizer’s vaccine as a booster to people aged 60 or 70 and older, Ashe, head of the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 programme, said at a press conference on Monday.


Ontario is discriminating against returning to school in September without vaccinations


In the latest update, Ontario premier Scott Ford said Monday that Ontario students will return to school in September. With at least 330,000 more Ontario teenagers still to be vaccinated about seven weeks before school starts, the government is clearly in a hurry. Ford specifically urged teachers at the meeting to get vaccinated, and the Toronto Public Schools Board (TDSB) said in a letter to parents that students still have plenty of time to get vaccinated. Dr.KieranMoore, Ontario’s chief health officer, warned today that unvaccinated students will be treated differently than vaccinated students when outbreaks occur when they return to school.


When school starts this fall, fully vaccinated students will have “special privileges” : “Fully vaccinated students and teachers who are exposed to the virus will be tested directly by the school, and if they test negative, they will remain in school to complete their studies, whether they have a persistent fever, cough or difficulty breathing.”


However, those who are not vaccinated will need to be quarantined for at least 10 days after exposure and tested twice. If they test positive on the second test (day 7 of isolation), they will need to be quarantined for 10 days and could miss 20 days of school. Dr Moore also stressed that today was the last day to get the first dose, after completing two doses and waiting 14 days for the vaccine to be fully effective, based on the first day back to school on September 9.

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