How to seek medical treatment during COVID-19 at Bangkok Hospital Heart Hospital

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In the current epidemic, everyone is at risk of contracting COVID-19, and Dr. Witoon Pitikuekul of Bangkok Hospital Heart Hospital points out that heart patients will have a 20% increase in mortality from COVID-19 infection, so Bangkok Hospital Service Center reminds heart patients to take special care to protect themselves. Next, Alopah explains how to seek medical attention during the outbreak at Bangkok Hospital Heart Hospital.


Dr. Witoon Pitikuekul of Bangkok Hospital Heart Hospital said that during Covid-19, heart patients should take their medication regularly and visit their doctor regularly to check if the disease is under control.


Cardiac patients who underwent surgery during COVID-19




For patients with mild heart disease, to prevent COVID-19 infection and to reduce patient anxiety, the doctor will consider postponing the surgery for 3-6 months depending on the medical condition and without compromising health.


For cardiac patients who must undergo surgery, whether it is coronary surgery, heart valve replacement or aortic aneurysm, all patients and caregivers must be tested for COVID- 19 and need to wait for the test results before proceeding with surgery


If a patient is in an emergency situation or has been infected with COVID- 19 and requires immediate surgery, Bangkok Hospital Heart Hospital will take all measures to prevent COVID- 19 infection and perform the surgery immediately to achieve maximum safety.


Bangkok Hospital reminds patients coming to the hospital, whether it is for heart disease or any other disease, to wear a mask for temperature check and medical history upon arrival and to be examined in the designated area of the hospital if there is a risk of COVID-19 infection. Bangkok Hospital Heart Hospital strictly follows the Thai Ministry of Health standards in terms of cleanliness of facilities, tools and equipment, and medical staff providing care must pass the Covid-19 test, so you can rest assured that it is safe to receive treatment at Bangkok Hospital. Finally, Bangkok Hospital Service Center reminds cardiac patients to strictly follow medical advice and take good care of themselves to avoid contracting Covid-19 and reduce the risk of death.

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