ICU Beds in Short Supply as U.S. Fights Epidemic in “Insurmountable Cycle”

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ICU beds in South Dakota are in short supply, ICU beds in Washington are in short supply, and ICU beds in Illinois are in short supply. …… As we enter August, news of ICU bed shortages are coming in from every state in the United States. According to reports, three-quarters of the nation’s ICU beds are currently full, with nearly 30% of them being for newly diagnosed patients.


From last year’s “ventilator crisis” to today’s “ICU bed emergency,” with medical resources “red light” in many states across the U.S., vaccination progress is slowing down, and the epidemic prevention and control has to enter an insurmountable cycle of “worsening – easing – rebound.


ICU bed shortages


According to data from Hopkins University, the average daily number of new cases across the United States is now nearly 140,000, a 700 percent increase from the beginning of the outbreak in early July. The rebound in the number of confirmed cases means that more and more patients are in dire need of treatment, but many hospitals are nearing or even at capacity as more and more patients flock to the hospital. Hospitals in Alabama, for example, are even overloaded, with the state’s ICU bed occupancy rate having reached 102.3 percent.


Nearly a year and a half after becoming the world’s worst country in the epidemic, the shortage of medical resources is just the tip of the iceberg, and there is more “collateral damage” lurking beneath the surface. According to NBC Business (CNBC), many non-new crown patients are suffering from the negative effects of “no beds” and even dying because of unscheduled surgeries.


Looking back at the signals released by the White House over the past few months to fight the epidemic, the Biden team seemed to be fully convinced that everything would be fine as long as they pushed the population to get vaccinated. However, contrary to expectations, vaccination has been put on hold in a politically polarized, politicized anti-vaccine and anti-intellectual message in the United States. According to data, the number of daily doses of vaccines in the United States has been decreasing since mid-April. Forecast charts from the data testing agency Our world in data show that vaccinations have in fact leveled off across the United States.


In June, the White House wrote in an email to the states, “America is entering a very different summer than last year. A summer of freedom, a summer of joy, a summer of reunion and celebration.”


Now it seems that the “summer of joy” the White House was looking forward to has not arrived, and the “summer of chaos” is not sure when it will really end.

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