India covid : India’s Vaccinations Surpass 500 Million Doses, Modi Hasn’t Had Time to Celebrate, Domestic and Foreign Curses Follow

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According to reports, Modi tweeted his excitement to celebrate the over 500 million doses of vaccination in India. The move was unexpectedly mocked by netizens, who said India’s vaccination efforts were far worse than those of other countries. The government has also been criticized for its fake vaccinations, which have been unknowingly administered by shady businesses.


Modi’s post to celebrate India’s vaccination exceeded 500 million doses was mocked by the group


Recently, the EU Ministry of Health posted a statement on social media sites that the country’s population had received five doses of vaccines on the 203rd day of the country’s vaccination campaign. Shortly thereafter, Modi left a message below saying that vaccination in India is also in order and the number of people who have been vaccinated in the country has crossed 500 million. The comment from Modi caused a lot of mockery from netizens, some of whom said that the current vaccination rate in India is actually very low and Modi will only show the seemingly huge number to show the world the effectiveness of his fight against the epidemic. If that figure is converted into a percentage of the number of people vaccinated in India, then he would not dare to make that figure public.


Some reports point to the slow pace of vaccination in India and the long waiting lists for vaccination appointments. This is causing many people who would otherwise be willing to get vaccinated to abandon it, thus slowing down the progress of vaccination in India. Currently, there are nearly 400,000 confirmed cases in India, indicating that the situation there is still dire. The Modi government should not just talk about vaccination, but should implement measures to control the epidemic in India and promote vaccination in an effective manner. The number of new cases per day in India has dropped significantly compared to the worst period, but the authorities should not let up. With variant viruses rampant around the world, a slight lapse in vaccination efforts could allow the virus to take advantage of the situation.


India's Vaccinations


Fake vaccinations are a common occurrence in India


In June, the Indian media broke the news of fake vaccinations in Mumbai and Kolkata. It is unbelievable that fake vaccines are appearing when the outbreak has not been effectively controlled. Subsequently, the Mumbai police arrested dozens of suspects on a tip-off. At the same time, police were deployed in Kolkata to arrest the perpetrators, and local health officials said there was widespread panic among those who had received the fake vaccines, fearing that they could have serious side effects. He promised that in case of side effects, government agencies will organize medical personnel to treat people who received the fake vaccines.


The Indian judge severely reprimanded those who provided the fake vaccines and also asked the government to develop measures to prevent such incidents from happening again as soon as possible. Not only the judge was angry, but also the Indian netizens were equally furious. Many of them said that these criminals have disgraced India by their bad deeds, and that they can do such harmful things for money. Others believe that India is no longer able to deter these shameless people because there are no strict local laws to punish such acts. Those who make money from fake vaccines have known for a long time that they will only be imprisoned for a few days and will be able to go on to new scams when they get out. It is clear from the attitude of the netizens that many people have lost hope in the Indian law. In this regard, the Indian government should improve the relevant bills, crack down on crimes, rectify the internal justice, and restore the status of the law in the hearts of the people.


India plans to donate a large number of vaccines to the surrounding


In January this year, India said it was ready to save the world. This statement is a little more credible coming from a major country, but it comes from Modi, which makes one wonder about its authenticity. In the face of the epidemic, many countries are facing a shortage of vaccines, and India is providing vaccine assistance to neighboring countries in this situation. The donation of vaccines is a good intention on India’s part, but the situation at home is not easy to be optimistic, and the surge in cases has led the local government to order an acceleration of vaccination efforts. Under the dual pressure of massive domestic and foreign demand for vaccines, India’s vaccine manufacturers are facing enormous pressure and challenges. It is worth mentioning that the vaccines in India were exposed to problems during transportation, and the personnel involved did not ensure that the vaccines were stored under specific temperatures at various stages of transportation, which most likely caused problems with the quality of the vaccines.


India has its own little mind when it comes to choosing countries to donate to, and the vaccines are given to countries that are beneficial to it. Pakistan’s name does not appear on the list of Indian aid because of its conflict with India. In the face of the epidemic, countries should work together to deal with the epidemic, leaving aside conflicts and selfishness. India’s donation of vaccines is a good thing in itself, but a donation with a purpose is not so pure. If Pakistan is angry with India for not providing it with aid, the conflict between Pakistan and India will be further intensified, which is not worth the loss. India should also pay attention to the quality of vaccines while donating, and strictly control every step of production to ensure that the vaccines sent to the people of all countries are safe, so as to help countries effectively control the epidemic. The epidemic in India is still serious, and the Modi government should give priority to the overall situation and carry out domestic vaccination work before carrying out assistance activities abroad.

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