Indonesia actively lobbied who to become a global vaccine production center

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Indonesian vaccine: Although the local epidemic is still severe, Indonesia is ambitious in vaccine production: Indonesian Health Minister Budi gunadi sadikin revealed that Indonesia is negotiating with the World Health Organization (who) and six pharmaceutical companies including Watson biology and Kexing biology in China, hoping to become a global vaccine production center.


Indonesia is ambitious: it hopes to become a global vaccine production center

Indonesian Health Minister said: “we are cooperating with who to become one of the global manufacturing centers of mRNA vaccine.” he also said that he directly lobbied who director general Tan Desai during his visit to Europe earlier this month, hoping to become the second technology transfer center after South Africa.


The so-called “technology transfer centres” are part of the WHO strategy. Within the system of the technology transfer center, who and its partners can introduce production technology, quality control and necessary licensing to developing countries, so as to achieve wider vaccine production and distribution worldwide and help developing countries develop their capacity to produce a new generation of vaccines.


In June this year, who announced that the world’s first new crown vaccine technology transfer center will be established in South Africa, which will also be the first new crown vaccine production facility on the African continent. A senior who official revealed that a new crown vaccine production base will be established in South Africa and focused on trying to replicate and produce Moderna vaccine. However, due to the lack of progress in negotiations with Moderna, the project still needs time.


new crown vaccine technology


A World Health Organization spokesman said that 25 low – and middle-income countries have expressed interest in establishing vaccine centers, and Indonesia is one of them, but they declined to disclose whether Indonesia is a major candidate.


Indonesia: has advantages in vaccine export

Indonesia’s health minister said that Indonesia will start this ambitious plan by giving priority to purchasing new crown vaccines from companies sharing technology and building facilities in Indonesia. He said that Indonesia is eager to establish expertise in mRNA vaccine and AstraZeneca vaccine. “The World Health Organization has listed South Africa as the first place. I said that logically, Indonesia should be the second place.”


Indonesian health minister believes that Indonesia is in a favorable position in exporting vaccines to the world because it is the most populous Muslim country in the world and can ensure that its vaccines are halal.


But at the same time, Indonesia is also one of the most serious countries in Asia COVID-19. So far, more than 4 million 100 thousand people have been infected with COVID-19 in Indonesia, and 139 thousand new deaths have been reported. Local public health experts also said that the real data may be several times higher than the official data. So far, only 25% of Indonesia’s 208 million target population have been fully vaccinated with the new crown vaccine.


Indonesia is negotiating with several vaccine companies

The Indonesian Health Minister said that Indonesian pharmaceutical companies are negotiating with vaccine companies such as Watson biology in China, Kexing biology, genexine in South Korea, Arcturus therapeutics and Novavax in the United States. He added that the scope of negotiations included both basic filling business and upstream production and R & D business.


The Indonesian Health Minister said, “we also provide AstraZeneca with the same opportunity. We are also open to our existing partner Pfizer… We are open to anyone.” Bambang heriyanto, company secretary of bio Farma, Indonesia’s largest state-owned pharmaceutical company, confirmed that the negotiations are ongoing and the first step is to cooperate in technology transfer. He said it would take two to three years to build a fully operational production facility.


Indonesia’s health minister said Indonesia will start using the leadership of the group of 20 in December to promote global health security and prepare for the next outbreak of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). “No one can guarantee that sars-cov-3 and 4 will not appear,” he said

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