Japan activates 2 million copies of British AstraZeneca AZ vaccine for metropolitan area, Osaka and Okinawa due to vaccine shortage

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Japanese Minister of Administrative Reform Kono said at a press conference on the 3rd that the new coronavirus vaccine produced by AstraZeneca in the UK will be focused on distribution to the six prefectures of Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Osaka and Okinawa, where a declaration of emergency has been issued. The government has secured 2 million copies, and distribution is scheduled to begin after the middle of this month.


In late July, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare added the AstraZeneca vaccine to the “temporary vaccination” list, which is in principle publicly funded for people over 40 years old. Previously, the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine in Japan had been delayed due to reports of a few cases of blood clots after vaccination in other countries.


British AstraZeneca AZ vaccine


According to the latest vaccination status announced by the Japanese government on the 2nd, a total of 50,356,795 people, or 39.61% of the population, have received at least one vaccination against the new coronavirus in Japan.


Those who received the first vaccination accounted for 39% of the total population, and those who received the second vaccination accounted for 29% of the total population. In addition, the number of people who completed the 2nd vaccination was 37,024,867,000, or 29.12% of the total population.


These figures are based on the number of people entered into the system in each region, and it is possible that the pace of vaccination will be faster than this and will increase in the future, depending on the actual vaccination in the workplace, etc.


While stepping up the pace of vaccines, vaccination errors have occurred again in Japan, with Gifu City saying on the 2nd that a woman in her 80s living in the city accidentally received a total of four vaccinations at two medical institutions during individual vaccinations for a new coronavirus vaccine conducted at medical institutions. The woman’s health status has not yet been confirmed.


According to Gifu City Hall, the woman will receive the vaccine at the first medical facility on June 7 and 28. At the other medical institutions he frequented, she received the vaccine on the 20th of the same month and on July 11.


The municipality said that the woman filed a request for a “lost vaccination voucher” on June 19, and the voucher was reissued that day. In fact, the woman did not realize that she had received the vaccine on June 7 when she applied for the reissue. The Gifu City Council said it will thoroughly prevent such incidents from happening again through the vaccination record system.


Around countermeasures for the new coronavirus, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said at a press conference that people who have finished two vaccinations should also wear masks, take basic countermeasures against infection, and avoid moving across prefectures.

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