Many countries have begun to explore the booster injection of new crown vaccine, with more than 16 million doses worldwide

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2021 COVID-19 news: the vaccination of new crown vaccine has stepped into the exploratory stage in many countries. Alopah noted that according to the statistics of the global change data laboratory, a third-party organization, more than 16 million doses of new crown vaccine booster shots had been vaccinated around the world by September 5.


Because of the prevalence of COVID-19 mutant strains, especially the delta strain, as time goes on, the protection of vaccines may weaken and the autumn and winter approaches, many countries begin to consider the use of third needle booster. How do countries publish vaccination plans? Recently, the British magazine published a comprehensive article to sort out the vaccination of new crown vaccine booster needles around the world.


Which countries are planning new coronal vaccine booster injections? The article points out that many high-income and middle-income countries have been talking about strengthening needles to ensure that people are still immune to new variants of the new crown virus when winter approaches.


The new crown vaccination in Israel started early, and the initial vaccine coverage was very high, especially for the elderly. Therefore, the government also started to promote the third dose of booster for people over the age of 50 very early. By the end of August, more than 1 million people had received the third dose of Pfizer vaccine.


2021 COVID-19 news


According to the existing evidence, the United States currently allows organ transplant recipients or those diagnosed with low immunity to receive a third dose of vaccine, and is expected to launch a third dose of enhancer to most adults from September 20. It is recommended that the third dose be injected 8 months after the second dose. Medical staff, nursing home residents and the elderly who are vaccinated early will be given priority to the third dose of vaccine.


The Joint Committee on vaccination and immunization recommended on September 2 that a third dose of enhancer be provided to people aged 12 and over with severe immunosuppression or low immunity. At present, the committee is still deciding whether to provide new coronal and influenza combined vaccines to people over the age of 50 and other people at high risk.


France and Germany plan to launch the third dose of booster vaccine to the elderly and some groups in September, including people with low immune function and residents of nursing homes.


In terms of sequential vaccination of different technical routes, some countries have begun to explore.


Turkey began to use the third dose of vaccine to medical staff and people over the age of 50 in July. In the third dose of promotion, people vaccinated with Kexing inactivated vaccine are allowed to choose Pfizer vaccine so that they can go to countries that do not recognize inactivated vaccine.


Uruguay is also launching a similar initiative to provide a dose of Pfizer vaccine to citizens vaccinated with Kexing vaccine to enhance their immune response.


In Cambodia and Thailand, people who have been vaccinated with Kexing inactivated vaccine or national medicine inactivated vaccine are using AstraZeneca vaccine as the third dose of booster injection.

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