New crown epidemic is not yet under control, trichinosis has blown up again, India is dragging the world into the abyss

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1. India is blowing up!


The global new crown epidemic is in full swing, and in addition to concern about new confirmed cases, many people are more concerned about cured cases. After all, the number of cured cases is a direct reflection of the emergency response capacity of a country’s healthcare system and the severity of the epidemic in that country. But is a cure all that matters when it comes to Newcastle? That’s not necessarily the case. In India, many patients recovered from Neoguan fell into another more terrible disease, namely, trichinosis, within a few days.


Trichoderma is harmless to humans and animals, and can sometimes benefit humans. It is widespread in nature, soil, air, moldy food have a large number of Trichoderma, we usually eat tofu milk also has the presence of Trichoderma. Even if the skin mucous membrane or respiratory system accidentally contacted with mold, the normal human immune system is sufficient to resist its harm. For people whose immune system is damaged and whose immunity is very low, Trichoderma becomes a nightmare.


Since May this year, cases of Trichoderma have been appearing in India, and as of July 20, more than 45,000 cases of Trichoderma infection have been reported in India, and more than 4,300 people have died, 85% of these people had suffered from New Coronary Pneumonia.


What are the symptoms of trichinosis? To put it simply, it is a living person with mold. Trichoderma entered the body will successively infect the mouth and nose, and then into the eyes, and even the brain. Patients at first no obvious feeling, may only be red and swollen skin, but within a few days, the mold will quickly grow, threatening health. A patient with trichomoniasis described that he had headache symptoms less than a week after recovering from the new crown. At first, he thought it was caused by the after-effects of the new crown, but he had an MRI to make sure that it was completely foolproof. The MRI report showed that he had trichomycosis and that it had infected his eye. If one eye was not removed immediately, the germ would soon attack his brain, and when the brain became moldy, it would not be long for him to die.


In this way, the patient who was in a good mood because he was discharged from the hospital with a new crown lost his eye in the blink of an eye, which is really pitiful. Similar trichinosis patients, there are many more in India, someone removed the jaw, someone removed sinus tissue, there are people lost cheekbones …… And, trichinosis has the characteristics of rapid transmission and high lethality, if not treated in time, will bring more than 50% of the mortality rate. Think about the raging epidemic into the hell on earth in India, a wave has not yet subsided, the terrible trichomoniasis and swept across India, a living hell on earth.




2. Why Trichoderma mostly appears in India


Some people may ask, the prevention and control of ineffective epidemic caused by the flood of countries not only India, Europe and the United States lie flat strategy also brought the epidemic to a new height, why India will be a large-scale outbreak of trichomoniasis it? In fact, this has to be analyzed from many aspects.


First of all, it is known that hot and humid places are most likely to mold breeding bacteria, and India’s climate happens to be hot and humid, which is tantamount to providing a breeding ground for Trichoderma spp.


Secondly, the abuse of steroid drugs in India due to the shortage of oxygen is the main cause of Trichoderma infection in patients. The main purpose of steroids is to reduce the excessive inflammatory response caused by neoconiosis, which in turn allows the patient to resume breathing.


In the treatment of neocoronary, for patients with low blood oxygen concentration, oxygen is given priority if oxygen therapy is available and steroids such as dexamethasone are considered if oxygen is not available. In India, due to oxygen shortage, dexamethasone is used in high doses for many patients with neocon, and steroid drugs reduce the body’s immunity, thus allowing Trichoderma to take advantage of the situation.


Most of the people who died from Trichoderma infection were recovering neocon patients with diabetes. Because the Indian sweet tooth diet has made more and more people suffer from diabetes, India is the second largest diabetic country after China. When steroids meet high blood sugar, patients develop ketoacidosis, and the acidic blood is a breeding ground for trichinosis. Is there a cure for trichinosis? Of course there is.


Amphotericin B is the only drug that can treat trichinosis, but one bottle of the drug costs about 500 RMB, and if you have trichinosis, you have to inject 3-4 bottles of amphotericin B a day, and a course of treatment needs to last more than 20 days. In this calculation, the average family can not afford it. Therefore, many people who have trichinosis can only let it develop and give up because they cannot afford the high cost of treatment. In addition, due to the rapid increase in the number of people with trichomoniasis, there is an extreme shortage of amphotericin B, which cannot be bought even with money.


A 64-year-old Indian man, Wadhwa, unfortunately suffered from trichomoniasis and was told by the hospital that he needed amphotericin B treatment, but the hospital pharmacy was sold out, so Wadhwa had to pay a high price to buy it elsewhere. After spending more than 100,000 rupees, he ended up with only 30 bottles of the drug, which was only a drop in the bucket for the treatment of trichomoniasis. Because of the delay in treatment, Trichoderma had invaded Wadhwa’s nose and eyes, and the doctor had to do an operation to remove them, and if effective drugs were still not available, Wadhwa’s life was always in danger. How sad!


3. Trichomoniasis, perhaps just the tip of the iceberg


In the face of the growing epidemic of the new crown, the Indian government not only did not implement strict preventive and control measures, but also hoped that the herd immunization to obtain victory against the epidemic, funny to the extreme. Under the Indian government’s attitude of giving up resistance and letting go, the number of cases in India has skyrocketed, and the number of new infections in a single day alone has exceeded the entire number of infections accumulated in our country so far.


Not long ago, the Tokyo Olympics ended, and the “mighty” Indian team was fortunate enough to win an Olympic gold medal near the end. Undoubtedly, this rare Olympic champion became the national idol of India. Thus, it happened that the Olympic champions returned to India not only without first being observed in isolation, but also received a warm welcome at the airport from the media as well as a large number of fanatic fans.


The overexcited fans took off their masks and surrounded the Olympic champion in a warm atmosphere. Only, they didn’t think, while the crowd threw down their masks and partied, how many people would complete the cross infection of the virus as a result. More and more cases were diagnosed, one active patient became the petri dish of the virus, in India’s “efforts” to complete the upgrade of the new coronavirus, faster infection rate higher rate of serious illness Delta virus since the birth of India, soon swept the world, becoming the mainstream strain of the virus.


After Delta, the virus didn’t stop being updated, and Delta Plus spread in India. It is predictable that if the Indian government allows the epidemic to spread, more upgraded versions of the virus will come out of the woodwork. As mentioned earlier, the majority of trichinosis comes from newly crowned recovered people, so the more the number of confirmed cases in India, the more the number of trichinosis patients must increase at the same time.


It is worrying that after trichinosis, white trichinosis and yellow trichinosis also appeared in India one after another. Originally the country’s sanitary conditions are difficult to say, the hot and humid climate is suitable for mold reproduction, the Indian government lying flat epidemic prevention measures and aggravate the new crown epidemic, and the shortage of oxygen drugs, all factors will put the Indian people in purgatory.


Globalization situation of each country interconnected as one, since the spread of India’s trichinosis, Nepal, Afghanistan, Egypt and other countries have also appeared one after another trichinosis patients. Therefore, Indian trichinosis may be just the tip of the iceberg, the ignorant Indian government has opened Pandora’s Box, putting the people of the world in danger. After delta, will there be a more serious variant in India? After trichinosis, are there any more heartbreaking complications to emerge? This is all unknown.

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