New crown vaccine for nothing? Bad news from all over the world, Sinopharm’s response is coming

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In order to solve the disaster brought to the people around the world since the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia, countries around the world have actively explored ways to prevent the virus and developed an effective vaccine. However, because the new coronavirus has the ability to mutate, a mutated strain of Delta has emerged in many parts of the world recently.


The Delta strain is more transmissible and more harmful than the previous virus. Prevention of the delta strain and treatment of patients positive for the delta strain has become a top priority. In China, which has done a very good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, there are also patients who are positive for the delta strain, and there are individual cases that have been diagnosed positive after vaccination, for which both Sinopharm China Biologicals and Kexin Biologicals have given explanations.


Sinopharm China Biologics made a response


New crown vaccine


Recently, Yang Xiaoming, chairman of Sinopharm, was interviewed by reporters. In the interview, Yang focused on answering concerns about whether the new crown inactivated vaccine developed by China Bio is effective against the current mutated Delta strain and how effective it is. Yang said that they had conducted cross-over experiments with the Delta strain on serum proteins from vaccinated people who had developed antibodies in their bodies, and found that the China Biological New Crown inactivated vaccine was able to cross-neutralize four typical mutated strains, including the Delta strain, in other words, the China Biological New Crown inactivated vaccine could still provide effective protection.


In fact, before Yang’s interview, a Sri Lankan research institute published a report card on the effectiveness of Sinopharm’s China Biologicals New Crown inactivated vaccine. In the study report they provided, it was stated that Sinopharm’s vaccine still provided better protection against the mutated Delta strain. According to a survey conducted by Academician Zhong Nanshan on patients diagnosed after vaccination in Guangdong Province, it was found that some people who were vaccinated still tested positive for nucleic acid, but the symptoms of the infected people do not turn serious, and the rate of serious illness is less after vaccination.


Response from Kexing Biologicals


Yang Guang, chief commercial officer of Kexing Biologicals, also responded to the issue of the effectiveness and efficiency of the vaccine. Yang Guang said that after several experiments on the serum of the vaccinated people and several existing mutated strains of the virus, it has been found that the existing vaccine still has certain protection for the existing mutated strains, and KXB will continue to promote the research and development of the mutated strains.

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