New Zealand reported the first Pfizer vaccine related death: a woman suspected to have died of myocarditis after vaccination

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It is reported that New Zealand’s Ministry of Health issued a statement on the 30th, reporting the country’s first death related to Pfizer’s new crown vaccine. Previously, New Zealand’s independent new crown vaccine safety supervision committee reviewed a woman who died after vaccination.


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The New Zealand Ministry of Health said in a statement that the Committee believed that the cause of the woman’s death was myocarditis, which is known to be one of the side effects of Pfizer’s new crown vaccine. Myocarditis is a kind of heart disease, which refers to the inflammatory disease of myocardium. The clinical manifestations of myocarditis vary from asymptomatic to severe arrhythmia, acute cardiac insufficiency, cardiogenic shock and even death.


New Zealand’s Ministry of Health said: “this is the first case of death after vaccination related to Pfizer’s new crown vaccine in New Zealand.” The case has been referred to the coroner and the cause of death has not been determined. However, the new crown vaccine safety supervision Committee believes that the woman’s myocarditis may be caused by vaccination. The committee also pointed out that other medical problems occurring at the same time may affect the results after vaccination.


But the committee said novel coronavirus pneumonia is still a great risk to the new PvP vaccine and the vaccine side effects, including myocarditis.


So far, Pfizer, Janssen and AstraZeneca vaccines have been provisionally approved by New Zealand authorities, but Pfizer vaccine is the only vaccine officially approved for marketing.


New Zealand is currently fighting a new round of epidemic caused by delta variant. 30 covid-19 New Zealand reported 53 new cases, and New Zealand has identified 562 cases since the outbreak of the new crown outbreak.

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