No wonder americans refused to vaccinate, and Japan found Pfizer hiding secrets

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No wonder americans refused to vaccinate. Japan found Pfizer hiding a secret and waited for the White House to reply: in the tense global vaccine supply, vaccines are very valuable to many countries. However, in this critical period, the quality of some overseas vaccines is difficult to guarantee, and even foreign bodies are mixed in the vaccine.


According to the latest Japanese media report, when Japanese pharmacists were vaccinating, they suddenly found that there was a millimeter long white suspension in the vaccine. They suspected that there was a quality problem, so they officially announced that the same batch of vaccine was stopped.


In fact, in the history of vaccination in Japan, this is not the first time that foreign bodies appear in vaccine bottles. As early as last month, a large number of vaccines containing metal particles were found in Japan. Pfizer has been contacted for these findings, but has not received any reply. In this regard, some netizens said that they finally understood why Americans were the first to be vaccinated, but the vaccination rate always couldn’t go up.


Foreign bodies in vaccines exported from the United States to Japan

According to the announcement of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan on the 12th, foreign bodies were found in the newly arrived New Crown vaccine. For these vaccines, the Japanese authorities said they had stopped using the affected batches. However, according to the detailed visit of Japanese media, although the government officially responded that it would not be used, the local staff were still vaccinating the same batch of vaccine.


Subsequently, the county government responded that at present, no adverse reactions have been received from any vaccinators due to foreign body vaccination. The foreign bodies in the vaccine bottle have been sent to the corresponding departments for investigation, and the investigation report has not been published yet.


modna new crown vaccine


In fact, in addition to this problem, the foreign body problem also occurs frequently in the modna new crown vaccine imported from Japan to the United States. According to Japanese officials at the beginning of this month, after investigation, it was found that the black solid in the Modena vaccine bottle was made of stainless steel. After communicating with the American Modena manufacturer, it was determined that the debris accidentally fell into the vaccine production line during filling.


I don’t know whether it is related to the vaccination of foreign body vaccine. Shortly after the news was announced by the Japanese side, two men exposed the abnormal death of vaccination. For the incident, Japanese officials only explained that it may be an accident and has no relevant connection with the foreign matter. In fact, according to incomplete statistics, foreign bodies have been found in 8 vaccination sites in Japan, and the vaccines are the same batch of products produced by Spanish foundry entrusted by the United States.


Is foreign matter harmless to human body?

The vaccine plays a key role in protecting the human body after vaccination, but if the foreign body vaccine faces the risk of death, there will be no reason for vaccination. Because of the frequent reports of vaccine foreign matters in Japan, many Japanese people are now reluctant to vaccinate and are waiting for the official investigation results. Considering this factor, the follow-up response of the Japanese government will officially stop the millions of doses of new crown vaccine just purchased. However, because the news is not timely, vaccination work in places such as Okinawa and Gunma continues.


Subsequently, at a press conference, Japanese officials responded to the problem of foreign bodies in the vaccine and believed that the foreign bodies found in the vaccine in many regions were probably caused by improper operation of medical staff during vaccination, and the foreign bodies may be mixed with rubber bottle stoppers in addition to stainless steel. When the reporter asked whether these foreign bodies would cause harm to the human body, the official said that it is understood that the materials of stainless steel and artificial heart products previously found are the same, so I believe they will not cause harm to the human body.


About 70% in the United States are unwilling to be vaccinated

For the foreign matter problem in Japan, some Japanese netizens gave their own analysis and said that they finally understood why the vaccination data in the United States could not meet the standard. No one would be willing to vaccinate such a poor vaccine supply.


In fact, the reason is more than that. According to a survey previously released by the US media, in addition to distrust of the US vaccine, most Americans are worried about the serious side effects after vaccination. Because the R & D technology used in vaccines in the United States is a new technology, there has never been a clinical trial of mass vaccination. After the formal vaccination, hundreds of deaths caused by side effects have occurred in the United States.


However, the Biden administration seems to have issued a death order for the people who are unwilling to be vaccinated. That is to stipulate that all employees of American enterprises must complete vaccination before they can enter their jobs, otherwise those found to violate the regulations will be punished by the government. However, this obviously violates Biden’s previous statement of free vaccination, and naturally has been opposed by many people.


Russian media recently conducted a survey on this issue. According to the data, about 35% of the respondents said that if enterprises ordered to require vaccination, they might propose exemption from vaccination for other reasons such as race, while 42% of the respondents said they would directly resign. According to the comprehensive data, about 67% of residents said they would rather resign than comply with such requirements. It can be seen that the future vaccination work in the United States will be very difficult.


In addition, the United States not only lost countless international reputation in this epidemic, but also broke the hearts of the Japanese people. At present, Japan has packaged and sent all the problematic vaccines to Pfizer of the United States for investigation. So far, the White House has not responded to the matter.

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