Non vaccinated people are likely to become “virus mutation factories”

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The rejection of a new crown vaccine is not just a risk of taking health risks. Once infected with COVID-19, it will pose a major threat to more people. Professor William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in the United States, pointed out in an interview with CNN that people who have not been vaccinated are likely to become “virus mutation factories” after long-term infection.


For example, last week, the British reported a case of a 72 year old man, an immunosuppressive patient who had been infected with COVID-19 for 300 days and found a mutation similar to that of COVID-19 B.1.1.7. In early June, a HIV infected person in South Africa had been infected with COVID-19 for 216 days, and COVID-19 had 32 mutations in her body.


Non vaccinated people are likely to become “virus mutation factories”


 delta variant


Schaffner explained that all viruses will mutate constantly, and COVID-19’s mutation ability is weaker than that of other RNA viruses. Although most mutations are meaningless to the risk of the virus, and some can even reduce the risk, there will always be a mutation that brings it a competitive advantage, such as strong transmission, strong reproductive ability, or being able to infect other hosts. Especially under the condition of long-term infection, the virus maintains long-term survival under the pressure of the immune system, and is more likely to produce more resistant variants.


Last summer, a virus carrying the d614g mutation spread from Europe to the United States to most parts of the world. From the end of last year to this year, most variants continued to occur on the basis of d614g mutation. At present, the most common variants in the world are as follows: b.1.1.7, alpha variant, which was first found in Britain; B.1.351, beta variant found in South Africa; B.1.617.2, delta variant found in India. Two species have also been found in the United States: b.1.427 in California, ipsilon variant; B.1.526, ETA variant found in New York.


The more people who are not vaccinated, the greater the risk of virus infection and mutation. This competitive virus will eventually defeat other viruses and become the dominant virus in a patient; The virus has become one of the common virus variants in society through the continuous transmission between people.


At present, the new crown vaccine can still resist virus variants, but this immune situation may change at any time, so the popularization of the vaccine is imminent.

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