Over the counter drugs. Are you using them right?

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According to statistics, more than 70% of patients have had the experience of self diagnosis and self medication. OTC drugs refer to drugs that consumers can buy directly from pharmacies or supermarkets without a doctor’s prescription, also known as over-the-counter drugs.


Characteristics of over-the-counter drugs

OTC marks on the package and instructions; For mild diseases, or only for relieving symptoms; Patients can judge by themselves and do not need a prescription at the time of purchase; Drugstores and supermarkets (class B) can be purchased; Short medication days; High safety, less adverse reactions and definite curative effect; With approval, advertising can be carried out through mass media.


There are two types of over the counter drugs: Class A and class B. class B is safer, more effective and less adverse reactions than Class A. Class a OTC drugs are marked in white on a red background, and class B OTC drugs are marked in white on a green background.


Four Misunderstandings of using over-the-counter drugs

1、 See advertising medication

After approval, OTC drugs can be advertised on TV, billboards and other mass media, which is a way for our people to understand drug knowledge. However, when advertising, enterprises spare no words, try their best to highlight the advantages of drugs, and ignore the comprehensive introduction of drugs, especially the adverse drug reactions.


2、 Multi variety combination

Some people are eager for treatment and eager for success. They often use multiple drugs together. They think that more drugs will have more efficacy. In fact, this is incorrect. If multiple drugs are used together, the risk of adverse reactions will increase.


Over the counter drugs


3、 Do not read the instructions carefully before medication

A gripping event: a child of only 18 months old died after being rescued in the intensive care unit for one day because his parents took effervescent tablets in the wrong way. This is unfortunate because parents don’t read the instructions carefully before taking drugs.


4、 Change drugs at will, change doses at will, and blindly use excessive doses for a long time.


Recommendations for safe use of over-the-counter drugs

1,Improve self medication knowledge;

Blacksmithing also needs its own hard, self medication knowledge is improved, and medication can be safer. There are two ways to acquire medical knowledge.


2,Read the instructions carefully before medication;


3,Try to use drugs under the guidance of doctors or pharmacists;


4,Strengthen the proper storage of drugs to avoid drug failure;


Keep away from light, sealed, dry, low temperature and cool place for storage – because light, oxygen in the air and high temperature can accelerate the degradation of drugs, and moisture can deliquesce drugs.


Classified storage – internal and external drugs shall be separated; Adult medication is separated from pediatric medication.


be careful

When purchasing over the counter drugs, you should carefully purchase symptomatic drugs according to your condition and the instructions, and avoid blind purchase and confused medication. Carefully check the label and effective date, and carefully read the instructions.


Try to buy drugs from regular professional pharmacies. If the condition is dangerous, you should first go to the hospital and choose medication under the guidance of doctors to avoid delaying treatment. In case of adverse reactions in the course of medication, the drug should be stopped in time, and those who are serious should go to the hospital in time.

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