Putin announced that Russia became the first country to register covid-19 vaccine

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Russia announced that it was the first country to register covid-19 vaccine and that the vaccine was ready. Russian President Vladimir Putin says one of his daughters has been vaccinated. Although the international community is skeptical about this, Putin stressed that the vaccine has been proved to be effective after necessary tests and has lasting immunity to coronavirus. However, scientists at home and abroad have warned that it may be counterproductive to start using the vaccine hastily before the phase III trial of the vaccine, which usually lasts for months and involves thousands of people.


What did Putin say about the vaccine?


On August 11, Putin said at a government meeting that Russia’s new crown vaccine has been properly tested and is safe. “I know it has been proved to be effective and has developed stable immunity. I want to reiterate that it has passed all necessary tests,” he said. We must thank those who took the first step, which is very important for our country and the whole world. ”


Putin also said that one of his two adult daughters has been vaccinated twice. “She has participated in the experiment.” Putin said that his daughter’s temperature was 38 ℃ on the day of the first vaccination and dropped to more than 37 ℃ the next day. After the second injection, her temperature rose slightly, but then everything returned to normal.


Putin said: “she feels very good now and has a lot of antibodies in her body.” He did not specify which of his two daughters had been vaccinated.


About Russian vaccine


Russian officials said the vaccine was named sputnik-v to commemorate the world’s first man-made satellite (Sputnik means satellite in Russian). The vaccine uses a variant of adenovirus, a virus that usually causes the common cold, to trigger an immune response.


Russian scientists said that early trials of the vaccine had been completed and the results were successful. In July this year, Russian scientists announced that early trials of the vaccine developed by gamaleya Institute had been completed.


Russian Health Minister Mikhail murashko said that the vaccine “has been proved to be efficient and safe”, and praised it as a big step towards “human victory over covid-19“. The vaccine is expected to provide immunity to coronavirus for up to two years, the Russian Ministry of Health said in a statement. Russian authorities say medical workers, teachers and other high-risk groups will be vaccinated first. Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said doctors would start vaccination as early as this month.


 covid-19 vaccine


Professor Alexander Ginsburg, director of the gamaleya Institute, which developed the vaccine, said that vaccination would begin during the continuation of the phase III trial. It is reported that the initial dose will only be enough for vaccination in 10-15 of Russia’s 85 regions. Russian officials said that mass production of vaccines would begin in September, mass vaccination could start as early as October, and vaccination would be voluntary.


Progress of international new crown vaccine


More than 100 vaccines around the world are in the early stage of development, some of which are undergoing human clinical trials.


According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, as of July 31, 2020, a total of 26 candidate vaccines in the world have entered the clinical trial stage. Among them, only 6 vaccines have successfully entered the clinical phase III trial, with China accounting for 3 seats, one in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.


Despite the rapid progress, most experts believe that any vaccine will not be widely used until the middle of 2021. At present, the Russian vaccine is not among the six vaccines listed by who that have entered phase III clinical trials.


Voice of doubt


Russia says its progress in coronavirus vaccine has been questioned by health officials and media in the United States and Europe. With the end of the trial, the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine have also been debated. Some experts scoff at the statement of the Russian authorities that the vaccine drugs can produce the expected immune response and have no significant side effects, and point out that this statement needs to be supported by published scientific data.


The World Health Organization says all candidate vaccines should go through a complete testing phase before being launched. Experts warn that vaccines that have not been properly tested will cause harm in many aspects, from negative effects on health to a false sense of security, and even undermine people’s trust in vaccination.


Last month, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a major infectious disease expert in the United States, expressed doubts about the preciseness of the rapid vaccine test process in Russia and China. World Health Organization spokesman Christian lindmeier also expressed the same view. He told reporters on August 4: “sometimes individual researchers claim that they have found something, which is of course good news. However, there is a big difference from discovery or clues to the possibility of developing an effective vaccine and going through all stages of trials. “

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