Repeated outbreaks and virus variation, why does the who not recommend vaccination with the new crown vaccine?

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A novel coronavirus pneumonia conference was held in August 26th. Chief scientist Sumiya Swaminathan said that the WHO recommendation on the use of new crown vaccine will be based on available scientific data. There is no conclusive evidence for vaccination.


Sumia swaminatan did not point out the reason why booster vaccination was not recommended, but only responded with “there is no conclusive evidence of the need for booster vaccination”. The author believes that, on the one hand, there is indeed a lack of sufficient evidence to show the need for a third dose of vaccination for the whole population; On the other hand, it may be closely related to the uneven distribution and short supply of new crown vaccines in the world. On August 23, during his visit to Hungary, Tan Desai publicly called on countries with the ability to vaccinate booster shots to suspend vaccination for two months and transfer this part of vaccine to developing countries. In addition, according to the data previously released by who, as of August 4, the vaccination rate in high-income countries reached 51.15%, while that in low-income countries was only 1.36%.


However, the secondary market reacted very quickly. Affected by this news, stocks closely related to Xinguan vaccine fell one after another. As of the close, kangxinuo bio-b fell 7.4%, Zhifei bio fell 6.73% and Fosun Pharmaceutical fell 5.89%. At present, there are different opinions on whether it is necessary to vaccinate the new crown vaccine booster, but we may get a clue from the trend of vaccine booster vaccination in China and around the world.




The reinforcing needle significantly increased the antibody level in the subjects. According to the results of the booster needle research carried out by Sinopharm group in the UAE, the antibody level in the subjects receiving the third booster needle has been greatly improved, and the antibody level can even increase by 5-10 times at an interval of about 6 months between the second needle and the third needle, indicating that the booster needle plays an obvious role in preventing the infection of variant strains and preventing the disease.


The reinforcing needle of Kexing has similar test results. On July 26, Kexing biology announced on the official wechat that after the third dose of Kelaifu, it could quickly induce a strong immune response, and the neutralizing antibody titer increased significantly. The neutralizing antibody titer 28 days after the third dose was 3-5 times higher than that 28 days after the second dose, and the longer the interval between the third dose and the second dose, the higher the growth multiple. All adverse events were grade 1 or 2, and there were no related serious adverse reactions.


People who have completed immunization within one year do not need booster shots. Shao Yiming, a researcher of China CDC, introduced that it is not necessary to strengthen needle vaccination for ordinary personnel who have completed immunization within one year. For the elderly and patients with basic diseases who have completed immunization for more than 6-12 months and have weak immune function, as well as the population engaged in high exposure risk occupations, it is necessary to carry out intensive needle vaccination, but the specific vaccination time is still under study. In addition, for the technical route of reinforcing needle, it is recommended to use the same vaccine product to complete vaccination. That is, suppose the first and second injections are inoculated with inactivated vaccine, and the third injection should also be inoculated with inactivated vaccine.


hether it is necessary to vaccinate the new crown vaccine booster




The United States has planned to provide new coronal vaccine booster shots to all Americans from September 20. In the previous joint statement issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it was clearly stated that the effectiveness of the new crown vaccine in preventing severe, hospitalized and dead cases will be reduced in the next few months, especially for high-risk and early vaccinated people.


Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the vaccination, and Biden also supported the plan, saying that “vaccination is the best way to protect ourselves”. The interval of booster vaccination has been determined as 8 months after the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine; For the vaccinated population, the first batch of vaccinated objects include medical workers, nursing home residents and the elderly.


Pfizer and biontech are seeking full FDA approval for covid-19 booster vaccination for people aged 16 and over. On Wednesday, Pfizer and biontech said that the test results of 306 subjects aged 18-55 showed that vaccination with booster injection 4.8-8 months after the second vaccination could more than double the antibody level. In terms of safety, the two companies also said that the reinforcing needle showed good safety and tolerance. On August 12, the FDA approved Pfizer or Moderna new crown vaccine booster injection for people with low immunity.




Israel is the first country in the world to launch mass vaccination booster, and the latest data show that the effect of booster is very significant. On July 30, Israel began to vaccinate people over the age of 60 with booster shots, and expanded the vaccination target of booster shots to people over the age of 40 on August 19. However, it is required that people vaccinated with booster shots must have completed two doses of vaccination for at least 5 months. On August 22, the Israeli Ministry of health released data that compared with the overall protection effect after 10 days of two doses of vaccine, the overall protection effect of Israeli people aged 60 and over after 10 days of booster injection was 4 times higher; In terms of preventing severe and hospitalized cases, the effect is 5 to 6 times better. At the same time, data show that nearly 1.5 million of Israel’s 9.3 million people have been vaccinated with booster shots.




The UK will start providing enhanced vaccines to 32 million Britons in September. On August 2, the British government announced that from September 6, the UK would provide the third strengthening needle to the age group over 50, vulnerable groups, NHS medical staff and nursing home staff. In terms of vaccine selection, everyone will be vaccinated with a Pfizer booster, regardless of the first two vaccines. The main reason for choosing Pfizer vaccine is that research shows that Pfizer’s vaccine is the most effective against delta variant, with a protection rate of 96%.




From the perspective of vaccine immunization, the antibody level induced by the new crown vaccine is in a downward trend, but whether the decline of antibody level marks the decline of antiviral ability is still uncertain. Therefore, there is a view that the current reason for vaccination with booster needle is not sufficient and still needs more evidence to support it. As the article published in Nature magazine said, it may be necessary to consider strengthening needles in the future, but there is still a lack of strong evidence.


Nevertheless, a number of countries have started or are about to start booster vaccination, Israel has started booster vaccination, and the United States, Britain, Germany and other countries will also carry out the third dose of booster vaccination in September. What is the answer? With the improvement of vaccination population and the gradual improvement of evidence, the truth will eventually be revealed.

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