Republican state senator covid-19 of the United States “anti mask and vaccine” tested positive

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A Republican senator from Wisconsin, who opposed the authorization of masks and vaccines, tested positive for covid-19 and was stable after treatment with ventilator.


State senator Andre Jacque, 40, tested positive for covid-19 and was hospitalized on August 16. Spokesman Matt tompach said when providing the latest news of his condition in the past week that he received ventilator treatment on Monday night.


“On Monday night, Jacques intubated and used a ventilator,” tompah said“ Although his condition is stable at present, the coming weeks will continue to be an incredibly stressful and difficult period for senator Jacques and his family. ”


When a patient has difficulty breathing, placing a covid-19 patient on a ventilator is usually the last treatment option. Some patients did recover after using the ventilator.


Jacques said on August 16 that he did not wear a mask when testifying at the hearing the previous week, and recently tested positive for the virus. Jacques is an active opponent of mask regulations and vaccination requirements. It is not known whether he has been vaccinated.


Jacques is the father of six children, including a baby. His family members also tested positive for the virus. Their situation is unclear.


tested positive for covid-19


Republican state representative shae sortwell told his followers on his Facebook on August 20 that “Jacques needs your prayers very much now.”


At the time of Jacques’ hospitalization, there was a surge in covid-19 cases in Wisconsin, which was attributed to the more infectious delta virus variant. In August, the number of new cases and hospitalizations surged to the highest level since January.


Jacques was elected to the state legislature for the first time in 2010 and served four terms. He was re elected to the Senate in 2018.


The bill supported by Jacques is to prohibit government officials or business owners from requiring people to vaccinate covid-19 or provide vaccination certificates in order to obtain service authority. The Republican controlled legislature passed the two bills, while the Democratic governor Tony eves directly vetoed the two bills, especially the partisan dispute.


Jacques also opposed Ives’ statewide injunction on the implementation of masks, which was rejected by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in March.

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