Surprise! Pfizer accident, the woman died due to vaccine side effects, and many people are suspected of suffering from acute leukemia after vaccination

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Today, a news broke the headlines of major media. New Zealand reported the first death related to Pfizer vaccine – you know, Pfizer has always been held in the “altar”. Now, Pfizer vaccine side effects have happened, which has made Pfizer people worried.


At the press conference on August 30, the independent safety monitoring committee of New Zealand crown vaccine said that they had found the first vaccine related death.


A woman died a few days after Pfizer’s vaccine, and the cause of her death was myocarditis – a rare side effect of Pfizer. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart, which will limit the pumping capacity of organs and lead to arrhythmia. The mortality of explosive myocarditis is as high as 50% – 70%.


Although the coroner is still conducting an in-depth investigation into the cause of the woman’s death, the independent safety monitoring committee of Xinguan vaccine believes that myocarditis may be caused by vaccination. This is the first vaccine related death in New Zealand. Although the adverse reaction testing center has also received reports of other deaths after vaccination, none of the deaths are considered to be vaccine related.


What myocarditis symptoms should we pay attention to after vaccination with mRNA covid-19 vaccine?


The doctor pointed out that myocarditis is not only terrible and cunning, but also good at pretending to be a general disease. It is easy to misjudge it as gastroenteritis or common cold.


If the following four cardiovascular related symptoms occur, seek medical attention as soon as possible:


1,Rapid heartbeat


2,Shortness of breath


3,Persistent vomiting


4,Chest pain


mRNA covid-19 vaccine


Myocarditis evolves into heart failure. The first sign is that the heart beats faster. As long as the heart beats abnormally fast under the condition of quiet and no fever, we must pay attention to it.


Two months ago, Japan reported that 196 people died after receiving Pfizer vaccine. Although it has not been confirmed that the death cases are directly related to the vaccine, people in Japan have been terrified.


In early 2021, Norway reported 23 elderly deaths after Pfizer vaccination, of which 13 were considered to be caused by vaccine side effects. However, experts believe that the average age of these dead are over 75 years old and have serious diseases. It is still impossible to judge whether the cause of death is really related to the vaccine.


In addition, there was another news about Pfizer vaccine that caused heated discussion.


Yesterday, “South Korea is now a number of suspected cases of leukemia after vaccination” Biao on the hot search. It is reported that a man in his 30s in South Korea was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia after vaccination with Pfizer. He is a physical education teacher. He is very strong. He usually doesn’t smoke or drink. He has just been engaged. However, in the morning after the vaccine, when brushing his teeth, he found that the gum bleeding was very serious and could not stop at all. Then he went to the hospital and found acute leukemia.


In the search, it seems that there are more cases of leukemia after vaccination.


Last month, a man in his 50s in South Korea developed acute myeloid leukemia after receiving Modena vaccine and died after 20 days of rescue. The wife of the deceased angrily petitioned qingwatai, saying that her husband was in good health, but suffered from acute myelogenous white blood after receiving Modena vaccine, which was very abnormal. In fact, the husband had discomfort symptoms such as tongue papillitis and sore throat before vaccination, but the hospital judged that if he missed this time, he didn’t know when to vaccinate next time. It was strongly recommended to vaccinate first and then say something else. Unexpectedly, the husband burned to 39.4 degrees on the third day after the vaccine, and acute leukemia was found at the time of treatment.


After these two news broke out, many people in South Korea followed.


At present, there are 11 posts on the Korean government website about leukemia caused by vaccination, of which 2 people have died. The South Korean government said it had launched an investigation into the case, but it was difficult to judge because there were no similar cases abroad. The vaccine safety monitoring Committee stressed that medical problems during vaccination will also affect the consequences of vaccination. So I hope everyone will continue to vaccinate under the condition of ensuring their health.


European regulators say that even if there are side effects, the benefits of the vaccine still outweigh the risks because it can effectively prevent new severe diseases. At present, vaccination in New Zealand and South Korea is still in progress.

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