Sydney extended the “closure” for another month

alopah Date:2021-08-26 10:52:23
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Covid-19, New South Wales, Australia, 28, announced that Sydney will extend the “city closure” for another month, given the fact that the new crown is still not improving.


On the 27th, 177 local new crown confirmed cases were added in Xinzhou, breaking the state’s record of 172 new cases in a single day set the previous day. Among the newly infected people, at least 46 were active in the community before diagnosis.


Governor Gladys beregiklian told reporters on the 28th that the Sydney “closure” measure originally scheduled to end on July 30 will be extended to August 28. She said at a TV news conference: “I feel uneasy and depressed like everyone. We can’t reach the expected number of cases at this time point, but this is the reality.”


Alopah learned that Sydney is the most populous city in Australia. One fifth of the country’s population of about 25 million live in Sydney. In order to prevent and control the epidemic, Sydney began to “close the city” on June 26 and experienced several extensions“ During the period of “city closure”, Sydney schools shall be closed, the number of people gathered in public places shall not exceed two, and shall not go out except for going to work and purchasing daily necessities.


delta strain of highly infectious new crown variant virus


Dissatisfied with the “closure”, thousands of people had previously violated the “home order” and gathered in the central commercial street of Sydney, during which violent clashes with the police occurred. According to beregiklian, the police will strengthen their work to ensure the implementation of the “city closure” measures, and urge the people to report other people’s violations.


The current round of epidemic in Xinzhou was triggered by the delta strain of highly infectious new crown variant virus. The first case was found in Sydney on June 16. The epidemic then spread to several other states, and more than half of Australia’s population has been “closed” in recent weeks. Unlike the new state’s announcement to extend the blockade measures, Victoria and South Australia, where the epidemic situation has improved, relaxed the restrictive measures from the 28th.


The slow progress of new crown vaccination is also one of the reasons for the spread of the epidemic in Australia. So far, only about 13% of Australians have completed vaccination.

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