The ear itches from time to time, but nothing can be pulled out, remind: understand the cause and then the correct treatment

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The ears are one of the important organs of the human body, so ear care is especially important. Many times, ears will itch, we will take a finger, cotton swab or ear spoon to pull out a hollow, feel really comfortable, but many times can not pull out something, and will be addicted to pull out a hollow from time to time, what is going on?


Earwax can cause hearing loss!


It’s a good idea to pull out your ears for a while, and it’s a good idea to keep pulling out your ears for a while. However, you don’t need to pull out your ears, especially the smaller earwax, which is slowly discharged out of the ears on its own as we eat, chew, swallow, jump, walk and talk.


If the earwax is relatively large, pulling out the earwax will instead block the ear canal and even cause pressure on the eardrum, resulting in tinnitus, hearing loss, ear swelling, and in more serious cases, even earache and dizziness.


If you are unable to remove the earwax yourself, go to the hospital as soon as possible and ask your doctor for help. In addition, if the earwax is large, it may get stuck in the ear canal. In this case, you need to put in sodium bicarbonate ear drops to soften the earwax and then suck it out with a suction device, or flush it out with saline.


The skin of the ear canal is very fragile, so frequent ear pulling will stimulate the skin of the ear canal, and the ear will secrete more earwax to protect the ear canal, which means that the ear canal has been damaged, so you should stop pulling out the ear immediately.


Sometimes, when we pull out our ears, it hurts a little, but the probability is that we have touched the eardrum. The tympanic membrane is more fragile than the ear canal, and a slap, loud sound, sports impact, etc. can cause injury to the tympanic membrane, not to mention the ear digging spoon. Injuries to the eardrum will usually recover on their own in about 3 months, but if they are more severe, they can seriously affect your hearing.


Having said that, you may still not be able to resist the temptation to dig your ears. Then the point is, frequent ear digging may also cause cancer! Prolonged ear-picking stimulates the skin of the external ear canal, which can lead to the appearance of ear canal papilloma. This tumor is benign at first, but if it is still stimulated by frequent ear-picking, it will deteriorate. Moreover, even if it is surgically removed, it cannot be cured and there is a greater risk of recurrence, and multiple recurrences may form cancer.


ear canal papilloma


Itchy ears may simply be due to an addiction to ear-pulling!


First of all, there may be a psychological effect, as pulling out the ears often makes the ears get used to that feeling, and it is hard not to pull out for a day. The human brain is particularly happy to enjoy itself, and the timely pleasure that can come from pulling out your ears will make you unable to resist.


Of course, excluding the phenomenon of addiction, there are other reasons for itchy ears.


1,Bacterial infection: We swim, wash our hair, etc., which may lead to water entering the ear canal, and this water cannot be wiped away directly, and residue in the ear canal will easily breed bacteria. If you often feel itchy but can’t dig your earwax, it may be due to bacterial infection.


2,Creeping mites: Mites are parasitic organisms that live mainly in our hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Usually, we should pay attention to hygiene and change and wash pillows and bedding more often, which can effectively reduce mites. If mites enter the ear, they will destroy the skin in the ear and itchy ears will occur.


3,Ear canal skin disease: Some people have more sensitive skin and are easily allergic to skin diseases caused by allergies. Although the ear canal is usually invisible, it can also appear as a skin disease, so if the ear itches badly, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for diagnosis and treatment.


4,Ear canal damage: As we mentioned earlier, the skin in the ear canal is very fragile, so if you pull out your ears frequently, you may cause damage to the skin of the ear canal and cause infection. If you can’t help it, you can choose some soft tools, such as cotton swabs, and gently pull out your ears, but remember not to do it too often.


5,Other diseases: If there are some systemic diseases that lead to endocrine disorders, various parts of the body may be affected, which may cause itchy ears.


No matter which of the above situations occur, you should go to a regular hospital for diagnosis in time so that early detection and early treatment can be made and further expansion of the condition can be stopped in time.


Proper understanding of earwax, earwax as the gatekeeper of the ear!


Earwax, medically known as cerumen, is a secretion from the external ear canal that plays a protective role for the ear. If you compare the ear to a goal, then earwax is the goalkeeper. No matter what dust, bacteria, etc. enter the ear, they will be stuck by the earwax grease and prevented from entering the inside of the ear and doing damage.


If your ears itch from time to time, but you can’t pull anything out, reminder: understand the cause and then deal with it properly


If there are some small bugs that mistakenly break into the ear, the bitter taste of the earwax will make the small bugs back off. This is why we rarely get bugs in our ears. Earwax is also used to protect the ear canal from bacteria, nourish the ear canal, and kill bacteria.


In addition, earwax can also be used to muffle sound. The human eardrum is very fragile and can be easily damaged by harsh sounds. Earwax is like a sound dampening cotton, which has a buffering effect on the sound and protects the eardrum from damage.


A gentleman’s mouth does not make a move, but when dealing with itchy ears, a mouth can work wonders!


Everyone thinks, “I just go and pull out my ears because my ears itch. In fact, this is all a vicious circle. It is because we often pull out our ears that we cause inflammation in the ears, which is why they itch repeatedly. As long as you hold back from pulling out your ears for about half a month, you will generally reduce the symptoms that appear from itchy ears.


If you really can’t help it, you want to stop itching in time. You can teach a trick, when your ears are itchy, you don’t actually need to pull them out, just move your mouth, and generally your ears will no longer itch. In addition, you can also divert your attention, as long as we focus on other things, attention is not on the ears, after a period of time will naturally forget about this matter.


Of course, if you can’t relieve your itchy ears by moving your mouth or diverting your attention, you may have some of the inflammatory diseases mentioned above, and you should go to the hospital in time to get a diagnosis. Make sure your doctor clarifies the cause of the problem, and never blindly pull out your ears.

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